Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Happy Wednesday y'all! I have missed the past two WILW link ups because I was on my cruise and then I was just so busy last week the day after I got back. I missed doing them! 

Head on over to Jamie's blog, This Kind of Love, to link up! 

I'm loving that today is my brother Mark's birthday! Unfortunately, I can't celebrate when my SIL has everyone over on Friday night because I am stuck at work but he turns the big 3-9 today! He has always been that "father-figure" type of older brother. 
 Us at his wedding back in July 2000!

I'm loving that it is now warm out! Today's weather kind of broke and isn't as hot as it has been but it's nice to no longer be wearing long sleeve shirts.

I'm loving that my brother got my boyfriend and I a good deal last night! I work with my brother at CPK and my boyfriend wanted to have dinner. We sat in my brother's section, had an appetizer and each a drink and then our meals....everything but the alcohol got comped off our bill thanks to our manager! It was really nice of him to do! I left him a good tip. 

I'm loving that I am finally going back to the gym today after a few weeks off. Oops. It makes it better that I don't have to work later, ha!

I'm loving that I will be going to Atlantic City next month! I will be going with these fabulous ladies and we are SO excited:

I'm loving the determination I have to find a job. I am going to apply to so many jobs where I live before I resort to moving out of state. Even if it's 45mins-1 hour commute, it'd be experience in the classroom! I do despise writing cover letters!

I'm loving that my cousin Lisa & her fiance Bryce move back to New York in the next week from Florida! She is my only female cousin on my dad's side of the family and I miss her! Can't wait for her to start planning the wedding.

I'm loving Sex and the City. I'm not late to the party on has always been one of my favorite shows and I have been rewatching the DVDs. I am totally a Charlotte in some aspects but a Miranda in others. Actually, I think I'm a mix of all 4!

I'm loving these pins from Pinterest!


 What are you loving today?!


  1. i love the pin of the outfit in greens, blues, and cute!

  2. Good luck in your job hunt!!!
    I can relate to the pin about food... I love food so much and hate that all the food I love makes me fat.

  3. Have a blast in AC!! I've heard great things about it and have been wanting to go!

  4. Happy Birthday to your brother! and I love those pins! Happy Wednesday :)

  5. Love the red top and jeans outfit! Looks like a perfect game day outfit. Have a great weekend!