Thursday, May 24, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday!}

I actually missed doing this link up last week when I was on vacation. Now that I think about it, I was floating in the pool at Grand Turk with a giant pina colada in my hands....let's go back there! 

Link up with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup & Amber @ Brunch with Amber for "It's Okay Thursday!!"

It's OKAY...

...I am not ashamed to be addicted to reading "50 Shades of Grey." If you can get past the poor writing, it's good! wish I had a man like Christian Grey...only not so controlling lol. have laundry that needs to be folded sitting in the hamper for 2 days. go into Target when you REALLY don't need anything and buy random stuff be addicted to buying nail polishes (I bought four before I went away, and now another)! wish my pinky toe nails would grow normal instead of straight up so I could get a pedicure! not be going to my cousin's wedding in Maryland this weekend because I don't want to. 

...To have every Glee song on my iTunes... #notashamed. be excited to stay home on Saturday night after woork this week and CLEAN. #nerdalert. get sad when you've applied to 7 jobs and have heard NOTHING back. I just want to find a teaching job. want to go visit Stephanie in Georgia. already want to book another cruise! have your entire wedding planned out...and not be engaged. want to cry that another person from your graduating HS class got engaged. #jealousmuch? want to get HOT OUTFITS for girls weekend in atlantic city! want your student loan payments to DISAPPEAR. be REALLY EXCITED to have floor seats to see this lady in November with three fantastic friends:

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  1. OMG i feel the same way about the engagements and planning a wedding before you are even engaged lol New follower from the It's Ok linkup!! xoxox