Saturday, May 26, 2012

{Cruise Recap - Part 1}

Considering it was an 8 day cruise and I feel like we did A LOT, I think it may be necessary to break down the recap of it into a few posts. Who knows if anyone will read them? But at least it is for my memory!

The cruise was a combined birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day gift from the boyfriend. Pretty sweet, huh? Mind you....he had mentioned this back in August of LAST YEAR so you can only imagine how long I had to wait for it. I am not the most patient person in the world. We went on the Carnival Miracle and the ports of call were Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau Bahamas.

The day we left, kind of had pretty crappy weather in New York. Apparently, while we were away, it was raining and crappy weather the entire week so that made me feel better!! We took a car to the city because it was cheaper then having to pay for parking each day. And I just don't drive in NYC. Once we got on the ship (which, btw, had the fastest boarding process!), we grabbed some lunch and then checked out our cabin. Then, we went up to the Lido Deck to sail away from New York! We hung out in "Serenity" which was a cool adult lounge.

 Walking around on our ship

 Adult hot tub & pool in the "Serenity" area

 First cocktail of the vacation!

Lounging in one of the cute little huts

Sailing past the statue of liberty

After we sailed off, we hung around, went to some shows and such followed by dinner. Dinner was interesting. We had an awesome waiter named "D" who was from Indonesia. Our table was set for 6 people. There was us, a couple from Vermont and another couple that the woman didnt speaking English. They ended up switching tables after the first night and the other couple apparently did too....even though there were suppose to be four of us at the table. Whatever. We still had fun!

The second day we just hung around on the ship as it was a day at sea and read books on our Kindle (me) and iPad (John). It was a nice, relaxing day. That night,was the first night we had to dress up for "Cruise Elegant" dinner. Before dinner, we took a picture with the captain of our ship!

This is our cruise director, Hennie. He is from South Africa! He was hysterical and very friendly. I could totally see my 7-yr-old niece doing something like this. Plus, isn't his tie AWESOME?

This might actually be one of my favorite pictures of John & I. Another couple took it. Even though they have a ton of photography sessions set up (which we did), I just love this! 

Wednesday, May 16th was another day at sea! The last day before we hit Grand Turk! Since we were getting further South, it was gorgeous weather. So, we did what any people on vacation do....drink! We spent our time on the sun deck reading (I finished the second book of the 50 Shades series!) and later that night, had a romantic date at Nick & Nora's Steakhouse on the ship. 

Awesome souvenir drink. Plus my hair is WILD here. I actually got pretty sunburned from laying out on the deck....and that's because I didn't put sunscreen on because it was cloudy. oops. 

Locked John out on the balcony! HAHA! I was amused. He wasn't. 

Can you tell how sunburned I am here?! I used a quarter of a thing of aloe for two-three days. 

I also loved how they put the towel animals in your room each night! Here are the first three we had:




Stay tuned for a recap of the shenanigans from the ports of call!

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