Friday, May 11, 2012

It's Okay {Thursday!}

Happy Thursday y'all! Time for another one of my favorite link ups with Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup and Amber at Brunch with Amber


...that I am obsessed with reading "50 Shades of Grey.." I totally feel like I am reading a porno but it is hot! go into Target and spend $60. It happens. Target's the devil. buy two new nail polishes by Essie that I almost didn't see because of the cart that was hiding them. 

...that I am not filling up my gas tank to be full since my brother is borrowing it while I am away. Why should I pay $40 for him to ride around town? Heck no!

...that I am a klutz and have a huge bruise/bump on my arm from work last night to prove it! pack at the last minute for a week long vacation.

...have applied for 6 teaching jobs so far. hate writing specific cover letters for each teaching job I hate applied for (I feel like I am repeating myself!) look at the work schedule for next week and be EXCITED I am not be on vacation will be AWESOME! want to send a snotty email back to the foundation for my undergrad school because I can't stand them bugging me. stay up late reading even if I am super grumpy in the morning.

What's okay with you?


  1. I just spent $60 at Target today! Workout clothes and books...and then I stopped for a latte on the way out. In Alaska, the Targets are equipped with Starbucks.
    Happy Friday!

  2. I went to Target last night and they stole $60 bucks outta my checking accout! Bastards! EVERY.TIME! And Fifty is so addicting!