Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{WILW: Happy May!}

Happy May, everyone! It's getting closer to summer and I love that! I just wish today was not so dreary looking outside.

Head on over to Jamie's blog to share what you're loving on this Wednesday! 

I'm loving the movie "The Five Year Engagement." The boy and I take turns choosing movies (especially if we know the other won't like it) and since we're seeing The Avengers on Friday with a bunch of people, I wanted to see this. IT WAS HILARIOUS! Love Emily Blunt.

I'm loving that Dance Moms (the Pittsburgh ones) returns in June. No offense to Miami, but they are so dramatic and it is mainly the moms bickering at each other. And always revolves around that one mom Debbie thinking her Hannah is the creme de la crop. Snoozefest. Bring back the Pittsburgh gang! (Plus, they showed a preview for it and OMG IT LOOKS SO GOOD!)

I'm loving that I get to go see a Yankee game next week...only thing is I have to figure out how to get to Yankee Stadium by myself using the subway. This will be interesting. And it might help to get the tickets from my boss (if I can). 

I'm loving this baby onesie I saw on Pinterest. Some might think it is vulgar but omg I chuckled so hard when I saw it.

I'm loving only 12 more days til I am on my cruise. AHH! So need to start getting stuff together! Why is it so easy for men to pack but so complicated for women? I already told my boyfriend I need two luggage tags, ha ha!

I'm loving these e-cards. They seriously crack me up! 

 (Seriously, I felt like she was pregnant for a YEAR! And umm, her poor daughter has kind of a boyish name. Poor kid.)

I'm loving that Carrie Underwood will be in concert on November 30th on Long Island (where I live!) Yes! I am so excited and will be getting tickets to see her with my friends Shannon & Amanda.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Seriously, parents! I do not need candy or an already-put-together gift set from Walmart. I need Starbucks gift cards! Actually, I don't NEED anything, but please, spend the $7 your kid wants to waste on that stuffed animal (for an adult!) more wisely.
    Good luck with the Yankee game. Subways stress me out.

  2. I want to see that movie, it looks so funny!