Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Prom Flashback

Happy May everyone! It's kind of hard to believe that MAY is here and we are getting towards summer. But, that makes me so excited!

I found this prom link up through one of the other blogs I read and thought it was fun. Who does not love to reminisce?

Link up with Tamara @ T (times) Three & Pamela.

My high school gave us "one big event" each year while we were there. Freshmen year it was a class trip (we had a choice of Dorney Park in PA or Six Flags in NJ...we went to Six Flags). Sophomore year it was a semi-formal event. And by semi-formal, it was in the gymnasium at school! Ha! I vividly remember that because I got so sick and lost my voice and ended up having to stay home sick for a few days after that plus had to put my dog to sleep. So not fun times.

Here's where we are going to get to the good stuff.

Junior Banquet
Not really "prom" because that title was reserved for senior year. We still all dressed like it was prom.
I saw this dress in Seventeen's magazine in January or February of my junior year. It was at JcPenney's and my mom & I went during Super Bowl weekend (no tax that weekend for some reason!) Plus with a giftcard my mom had and it being on sale, we only ended up paying like $4 out of pocket or something. I was obsessed with the color.

For one, I was never really concerned with having a date to the banquet or even my senior prom, for that matter. I just wanted to go with friends, have fun, and dance the night away! It was held at a local catering venue in two towns over..honestly, the name of it is escaping me right now! 

 Charlie's Angels at the banquet

 Megan, Allie, Katie, Molly, April, April's date Brad (I think she was the only one that brought a date!) and me at the grange

Jaime, Marissa, Me, Sara, Katie and Lauren

A gazebo we have at these fields called "The Grange" where it became a tradition to take pictures before junior banquet and prom. 

Senior Prom
My senior class was kind of "special" in planning our prom. They either wanted to have it at the Plaza Hotel (ok, yea....) or Disney World. While either option would have been awesome, realistically it was never going to happen! We ended up having it out east at this place called Giorgio's....so gorgeous I would still consider it a place for my wedding even if senior prom happened there! 

And again, I didn't go with a date to prom. It was acually a lot more fun that way. We did take a limo for fun before & after. It's kind of weird to think how in the last 7 years, the friendships with these people (well some) have dwindled.

 My sunburn that I had from tanning at the beach before prom. Not fun!

Katie & I at the Grange

My niece Sara (who was 6 months old at the time & is now 7!) and I!

Lauren & I at prom

How I wore my hair for prom...I loved it!

My friend Matt and I at prom

Friends since kindergarten!

Taken at the venue where our prom was. These were the girls in my limo: Lauren, Marissa, April, me and Jaime

I loved my prom dress. It was  a corset back and fit very well. I got it for like $100-$150 at this place called Estelle's. Both of these dressses are still sitting in the back of my closet!


  1. Love the pink color!! Your hair style that you wore, during your Senior year prom, was so pretty!! Thanks for linking up :)

  2. Oh wow, your hair for your senior prom was amazing! And ouch, the sunburn! Thanks for linking up!