Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Randoms

Let's face it...I have an addiction to Pinterest. I swear, I waste more time on there then is necessary. Lord, if that thing was around when I was in college, I can only imagine the more procrastination that would have occurred!

Here are my favorite things I have found lately because let's face it, it's Sunday...and we all need a laugh!

Screw working out for the Hunger Games! 

Every time she rolls her eyes at him, I can't help but think if I was her because I roll my eyes a lot. Ha!  

I love Ellen DeGeneres. She is hysterical. 

I love cupcakes!

Friends will always hands down be my favorite show. I can't believe my boyfriend has never seen any episodes! I swear he lived under a rock as a child. 

My motto is it is ALWAYS five o'clock somewhere for a cocktail. :)

Laters, baby. 

This is how I feel after dealing with a lot of stupid people in one day! 

What will I do once I am done with 50 Shades?!

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