Monday, May 7, 2012

Welcome to the real world!

Welcome to the real world! Getting a job in a down economy sucks! Ha! I wish it was further from the truth but it is not. So many people I know (friends or co-workers) are struggling to find the job that will help them utilize their degree. 

My mother constantly feels like she did something wrong in raising her children as a single mother. My 31 yr old brother, my 27 year old brother, and myself are all college graduates...with jobs where we can't utilize our degrees. Back when we each graduated college (04, 07, 09), no one could foresee how bad the job situation would be. Brian sits on his computer every day looking & applying for jobs. My brother Eric would love to probably get away from his current job. As for me, finding a teaching job right now is rough. I currently am on another version of a cover letter for a district I did part of my student teaching in. Even if I got called as a substitute, it would be something! Honestly, I just want to cry every time my mother thinks of herself as a failure for where we are now. As I tell her constantly, it is not her fault that it is so hard to get a job. She says it is her right as a mother to feel the way she does but in all honesty, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else for my mother because she is my inspiration for life. I keep telling her (and myself) that the right job will come when we least expect it (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Like I said, I'm writing a cover letter. Why must they be SO difficult? I swear, some districts probably don't even read them. I almost feel like I am repeating myself in each one I make. Blah.

This time next week, I'll be getting ready to board my cruise ship. To say I am excited is an understatement! I am in desperate need of some R&R. Also, I kind of need a vacation from my family. Don't get my wrong, I love them...they all have quirks that can just drive you nuts. My brother washed some of my mother's sweaters and apparently ruined them (shrunk two of them) because he put them in with jeans. Love the kid, but he lacks some common sense. Another sibling can't stop leaving his towel on the floor in the bathroom - seriously, it is not easy to put your towel up so i DON'T KNOW WHAT IS SO DIFFICULT! Ugh. After the screaming that ensued last night, I am beyond ready for a break. 

I have so many books I want to read on my Kindle. I am currently flying through 50 Shades of Grey. I am sure most of you have heard about it. I almost felt like my face was getting scarlet red in the waiting room at my brother's doctor's appointment this morning from reading it. I'm flying through it faster than The Hunger Games (is that sad?). It's somewhat controversial to some people but as I say, to each their own. These two e-cards made me laugh when I saw them about the book:

Also, how about that lady from New Jersey who took her 5 year old to the tanning salon? I don't think if you go to one *occasionally* that it is a bad thing. I have never been to one. I burn the first time I'm at the  beach for the summer and then I'm nice and golden the rest of the time. But this lady took it way too far. My co-worker Chris posted this on his facebook and I nearly cried from laughing so hard at it. 

(And yes, this is about how dark she is! It's scary!!)


  1. I feel like I'm blushing more and more with every sentence I read in that book! "hot" is an understatement!!! Those ecards are hilarious though!

  2. Your trip is coming up so fast! How exciting! That 50 shades of grey comment is funny, I bought the book but haven't started reading it yet!