Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back to reality!

I am back from my cruise and back to reality! Boo on that part! But the cruise was amazing! It was a combined birthday/Christmas/Valentine's Day/just because gift from my boyfriend John. He has been on a cruise before and wanted to go again. We went on Carnival's Miracle ship and went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise. I was blown away. I took so many pictures and plan on doing a full recap of it this weekend! So stay tuned for that.

My brother & his family are getting another boy...of the furry kind! At the end of June, they are getting a mini golden doodle from a breeder in the Mid-West. They have to drive to Pittsburgh the day after school gets out to get it. I am so excited for my nieces & nephew. My nephew Stevie gets the brother he wanted (he often tells his mom to have another kid because he wishes he had a brother like his sisters have each other). My SIL sent me the email with the picture of the dog and OH HEAVENS he is the cutest thing ever! I will be sure to take tons of pictures once he is with them!

This weekend is kind of going to be relaxing, at least I hope! I need to reorganize my bedroom now that I made it a mess in the 24 hours I have been home. I need to apply for jobs (unfortunately, nothing on the ones I have already applied for) and just enjoy myself! Even if I have to work (which I do), it'll be okay. To start off the relaxation, I am getting a desperately needed manicure tomorrow before I hang out with Olivia.

And this picture certainly made my day. I love all three of these kiddos more than anything.

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  1. welcome back! can't wait to hear all about your trip!