Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's the weekend, baby!

I kind of wish I was in college right now. I miss my party days. At one point senior year in the beginning, I was out Tuesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night. #Partyanimal. Once they switched the class schedules to Tuesday/Friday, Tuesday nights became the new Thursday. I often wonder how I EVER functioned on the amount of sleep I got. I know if I was in college now, we'd be out celebrating Cinco de Mayo. The last memory I have of Cinco de Mayo was a LOT of BLL and Jose Cuervo. HAHA.

My best friend in Georgia, Stephanie, is someone who I miss dearly and cannot wait to see again when she comes up to visit in August! She is truly one person that I can tell ANYTHING to and she is always there. Her beloved Papa was in the hospital for the past few weeks and they could not pinpoint the problem. She texted me Wednesday night to tell me they were moving him to hospice because he had multiple organ failure. Thursday morning, I woke up to a text that he had passed away. To say she is devastated is probably an understatement. She had a bond with her grandpa that I only wish I could have had with mine (the only grandpa I ever knew passed away on my 17th birthday). When she was living at home, they used to go out for a weekly lunch and do the food shopping together. He bought her the car she drives now as her graduation present. When she moved out, she still went on weekly lunches with him. If one of her friends was visiting, he insisted on taking them out. He was a man that loved his family and my heart just aches for Stephanie, her dad (it was his dad), her mom and her siblings. It's somewhat comforting to know that they all have a guardian angel in heaven now watching over them. Stephanie was planning on getting another tattoo and decided she is doing something with the Air Force logo in honor of her Papa, because he loved being in it. I am honored to have known this man. My favorite memory of him will always be how he set off the metal detectors at airports with his suspenders. 

 I am so excited to go to the Yankee Game with April on Tuesday! My job got tickets and they are in the Mohegan Sun Sports club. At $50 a pop, that's not that bad for Yankee tickets. Plus I think we get a private party and such; not sure if that is before/after/during the game. The Yankees are playing the Tampa Bay Rays and I hope the Yankees win! It should be a fun night and then I wont have to travel back home til Wednesday, I'll be staying over at April's apartment. 

I really need to find a teaching job. I opened an email this morning that I have to start paying ANOTHER student loan off in a while. No, I am not naive and I knew I would have to pay it all back eventually. It just sucks because I make like not enough $$! While the student I tutor was taking a final on Thursday, I sat and applied for jobs on my computer. I applied to a leave replacement in one district at the high school level and then I applied for another job in a district where my cousin David teaches. It is all a waiting game now. I have more applications that are paper that I have to fill out and find people to fill out references (as in contact old cooperating teachers, etc). I would LOVE to find a job soon. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. I really do not like writing cover letters and have issues making it more "specific" when they are being vague and don't say anything in the job description. Anyone else have that problem?

I am in the process of ordering my mom's mother's day gift off Etsy (better late then never! Hopefully it comes in time!). I can say here what I am getting her because to my knowledge, I know she doesn't read my blog. I am getting a mother daughter necklace where she'll wear one half and I will wear the other. Pretty easy since she really likes jewelry. Then, it dawned on me. Years ago, my mom had a sign hanging up in the hallway that she got at the annual Summer Fest in town that had wooden figures that sort of resembled her five kids. I am not sure what happened to it, it either broke or something. I am going to start the hunt for one now online somewhere to get as a Christmas present for her! Now that is being productive.


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