Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love wine. I do not prefer it over beer or hard liquor but I enjoy it every now and then. After all, nothing is more relaxing then unwinding after a stressful day and enjoying a glass or two of wine. The other day, Saturday, after work, all I wanted to do was go buy a bottle of wine when I got out at 9. There is a liquor store behind my job and it was still open....only my license was MIA and at home in the end. Sad story!!

Today after picking up some things from the grocery store for my mom on the way home from tutoring, I decided to go into the store. I got a bottle of Arbor Mist White Zinfandel Exotic Fruits and it is pretty yummy!! I think I like more of light/sweet wines. I actually prefer white and blush over red. When I go on my cruise in 41 days (!!), each person is allowed one bottle of alcohol that is 750mL in their carry-on luggage. Someone want to help me with what a good brand would be to bring? I was hoping to bring a Arbor Mist but the bottle I got tonight says its 1.5L so I hope I can find a smaller bottle.

I am so excited to go on my cruise. Everyone I know that has been on one says that once you go, you become addicted. I hope that is the case because this girl loves to travel!!! I am excited to investigate new areas of the world and spend some time with the boy. And that reminds me, I need to order my bigger memory card from Amazon. Hopefully I can use my membership rewards points from Amex on the order (I have done it before and it's awesome!). One of the things I would like to do is find a simple black skirt. I don't know how many "fancy" dinners we will have on this cruise but I need a black skirt as a staple item in my wardrobe. I can wear it later on when I teach! The problem? I don't know where to look! Does anyone have suggestions? I kind of like this pencil skirt from Loft and its $49.50. I'd rather spend good money and invest it then buy something that'll rip.

I have been pretty good about going to the gym lately. Amanda and I went the last two days and it's good. I feel pretty energized from the gym afterwards for a few hours which is good. Even though she can't go tomorrow because she has stuff to deal with and a meeting, I think I will still go before work. Even if I go and just go the weights and the elliptical or treadmill, it is better than sitting on the couch! Motivation, baby!

As I sit here watching the Dance Moms Mid-season finale and anticipating Dance Moms Miami, I am staring at the laundry I did a week ago, still sitting in my hamper folded. I am lazy that I haven't put it away. I honestly don't care right now since it's 930 at night and will do it for like a half hour and then throw it on the floor. Next week is spring break. On Tuesday, my goal is to completely clean. I mean like JUST GO FOR IT and clean. Not that anyone really sees it but I'll feel better once it doesn't look like Hurricane Irene came through my room. :) Who is with me that cleaning a room at night is just daunting versus the day?

And with that, I think I'll go have another glass of wine. =) Cheers!


  1. Where's your cruise going? Have fun!!
    I have a Wine Post coming at'cha tomorrow! :) Arbor Mist gives me a headache..eww. Haha. Glad you like it :)

    1. Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau (Bahamas)!! So excited! looking forward to your wine post tomorrow =)