Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Wednesday! {WILW}

Happy Wednesday y'all! Happy April! Who can believe we are already into APRIL?! Head on over to Jamie's blog to link up & share what you're loving this Wednesday!

I'm loving that today my sweet niece Emma Grace turns 3! I can hardly believe it has been three years since she blessed this world with her presence. She was a blessing for my SIL after losing her mom about three months earlier (before she was born) and by the grace of God, this child brought such joy to her face. She's a little spunky & I love her!

I'm loving my new hair cut I got two days ago. It's short & just what I needed.

I'm loving that my nice brother Brian got me my signature drink at Starbucks this morning...because I asked him to. And if I didn't have it, I wouldn't be functioning later at work!

I'm loving that now that it is April, I can say "adios blackberry" and "hola iPhone." :)

I'm loving that my cruise is now less than 6 weeks away! Oh my word I am beyond excited!

I'm loving that next week "The B in Apartment 23" premieres next week. It looks hilarious!!

I'm loving that I get to have lunch with this lovely friend tomorrow. We have such hard schedules to meet up and then I randomly saw her again at the gym yesterday. Twice in a week...I'm so lucky!


  1. I like your haircut! Great for spring! That show looks funny, I'm dvring when it comes on! Glad you get to see your friend! That always makes for a better day!

  2. Love your haircut and that top! And hmm you're one of the few people I've heard that enjoys that show - maybe now I'll have to take a look at it! Hope your weekend is going well!