Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! Thank goodness it is the weekend. And the bright side? I only have to work one double at work (today!).

Yesterday was a joyous day for my extended family. My cousin David and his wife Stephanie welcomed home their identical twin daughters, Adeline Quinn and Charlotte Baily, after 48 days in the NICU!! The girls were born two months premature on March 11th (due May 11th) and were in one of the best NICUs in the area. My nephew was in it for a few days after he was born. My brother's friend's wife works there and was the nurse a few times for the twinkies! It was an even more special day because the twins' older sister, Elliot, had not met her sisters (NICU doesnt allow siblings under 12 to visit). The pictures were PRICELESS. I cannot wait to go over and hold the babies. God really does work miracles.

After a rather uneventful shift at work (like as in that everyone was complaining because we were so bored haha), I did my tutoring job and went to the outlets with my boyfriend. He was looking for some shorts and bought one pair....what is it with men and shopping? Granted, he did just buy a brand new car but still. I got some good deals! I was looking for a floppy hat and found one on clearance in American Eagle. Then, in NY & CO, I got a khacki pencil skirt and goldish sandals...the sandals were 30% off and the skirt was marked down from $45 to $15! And in Old Navy, I got two pairs of sandals and a cover-up stuffed in a bag for 30% off. Win win!

As I mentioned above, my boyfriend John bought a new car. I am super ecstatic because I was not really fond of his Mustang. He has been saying for awhile that he wanted to go for a new car and has been looking for the past few weeks. He went to another dealership, that I had suggested, on Wednesday night and BOUGHT it! He bought a 2012 Ford Focus silver hatchback. Umm, I had no idea that they still made those, ha! It has more space than the Mustang and he picks it up Saturday. I made him promise me that I get to name the car and be the first passenger in it. :)

I am ashamed (not really) to admit it but I love the Jersey Shore. I know it's sad that America/people love watching shows like this but it's just entertainment. I honestly crack up and sometimes snort at the comments that come out of Snooki's mouth. Snooki & JWoww are having their own spin-off show and there's a link to it. It premieres on June 21st and I am so excited!!


  1. The twins are darling! And what pretty names :) What a great week for your family!!!

  2. Love the baby names! My brothers are twins, so I (eventually)see myself having twins with the way they run in my family. I just wanted to let you know that you have your comments set to "no-reply comment blogger". I wanted to send a reply to your comment commiserating on our name, but I couldn't!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Thanks for letting me know they are set to "no-reply comment blogger." How/where am I suppose to fix it?