Monday, April 2, 2012

Dolla dolla bills y'all

Hey, remember that time last week when everyone was freaking out joining in on the Mega Millions? It was like up to $640 million dollars. Even my boyfriend played. I wish I had played because I need to win the lottery! Lol. Who does not?! I had a stack of checks dating back to January from my job that I had not put in my bank account. Ooops? And considering the bank is like a 2 second drive from my house, I really have no excuse other than the fact that I was lazy! HA! It's a good thing I went because I didn't realize how low it was from paying bills and I have to pay my mom rent. Uck. Can Uncle Sam send my tax return NOW?! I clearly need it.

In having this "reality check," I decided to try and cut back on some things. Usually when we go out, my boyfriend pays. I don't expect it everytime but he'll almost put up a  fight to pay. What a gentlemen. If I do pay, I usually use cash which is great because I get tips from my job in cash. I love that the servers have to tip us out.I am going to try and be more realistic about purchases. I am going to have to steer clear of Target because that sucks you in like a black hole! Anyone else agree with me on that? When I switch my closet from the winter clothes to summer clothes, I am really going to make an effort to wear everything in there and only buy what I truly need. I'm done buying swimsuits for the season (I got from Old Navy & 2 from VS). I am going to be saving money for the cruise for shopping down there...and the drinks. =) The more I think about it, the more I realize....growing up can be fun & suck at the same time. And by suck, I mean pay the bills.

Now that I am done with teaching tests, I just need to search for a job in my field. First up, revising my resume...I need to add my second certification to it. Then, printing off a bunch and sending them out. I already know what districts won't accept paper resumes/applications. It just totally is not motivating to apply for jobs in a teaching market where they are closing schools, laying off 50+ teachers, etc. You're not even safe anymore with tenure. How thrilling. My goal for the next few days is to start tackling this task.

On a brighter note, I chopped off my hair!! I had not had my hair cut in almost a YEAR. I usually only get it cut twice a year (if that) because my hair grows so slowly. I had it cut in town in June and then let it grow out since. Today, I went to my hairdressers house after I went to the gym and she chopped it all off. She said my ends were "one sad story". HAHA! Explains why my hair was just one giant knot after I got out of the shower. So I went from this:

to this: (and i am quite happy!)

Now if I only did not have to go to work later and could stay home and sleep. I slept horribly last night and that definitely affected my workout at the gym...I dropped my ipod at one point, thought I stopped the treadmill to get it but apparently didnt and went flying off. Not a good day/workout in my book. Oh well. There's always tomorrow!