Wednesday, April 25, 2012

{What I'm Loving Wednesday!}

Happy Wednesday y'all! I hope the weather is somewhat enjoyable wherever you are. I know I will be excited when in two and a half weeks, I'll be on my way to the Bahamas basking in the sun. Yipee!!

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I'm loving  that today is my Aunt Betsy's birthday! She is probably my favorite aunt and we are pretty close. I blame her for my addiction to purses. :) Happy birthday Aunt Betsy!

I'm loving that my cousin's identical twin daughters, Adeline and Charlotte, are coming home tomorrow! They have been in the NICU since March 11 when they were born (2 months premature) and it's great. I can't wait til they allow me to hold the babies and of course, I will be taking a picture of it!

I'm loving my iPhone 4! Yes, I did not get the 4S because I don't need Siri and all that jazz. Plus, it was only $100 for it with a 2 year contract as opposed to $299 so I am happy with that. It's SO MUCH FASTER than my Blackberry. And I love the app instagram (follow me! kjak18). Now suggest some other apps, please! :)

I'm loving  the new book series "50 Shades of Grey." If you have not heard about it, you MUST download it on your Kindle or buy the book. It's kind of a "hot" book and not one you want to be *caught* reading in public and I am looking forward to starting this on my cruise!

I'm loving how hot Zac Efron got. Seriously, what happened to him? I was kind of drooling over his hotness in "The Lucky One." 

I'm loving that Carrie Underwood's new album "Blown Away" comes out next month. I am in desperate need of some new music and I always love her stuff!

I'm loving the shoes I found in Macy's today to match a mint green dress my mom bought me. I hate shoe shopping so this was a score on the first try. Plus, they were having a friends/family pass of 25% off and I had a $25 giftcard so win win!
I'm loving that my boyfriend got RID of his Mustang. So happy! He bought a 2012 Ford Focus Silver Hatchback. I now don't have to "roll" out of his car when getting out! 

I'm loving I will be on vacation in 19 days! Can't wait to go on my first cruise!!

I'm loving that I used my Amex Rewards points to order a new memory card for my cruise!! I also ordered a battery for my brother's phone and in all, it cost me $4.76! SCORE! The memory card is like $50+ in Best Buy!

What are you loving?!


  1. 1. Congrats on the iPhone!
    2. Something has definitely happened to Zac Efron since HSM...he's, like, a real actor now.
    3. I hate shoe shopping too. Especially for dress shoes!

  2. I CANNOT wait for the new Carrie Underwood album too!!!

  3. yay for vacay in 19 days! jealous! welcome to iphone world!

  4. Those shoes are amazing!
    For your iPhone, DO NOT download Draw Something unless you want to be addicted forever, lol!