Monday, April 16, 2012

Just another manic Monday....

Wish it were Sunday....cause that's my fun's just another manic Monday. 

Excuse the outburst of 80's music. I am rejoicing in the fact that I do not have to go to work until Thursday which is wonderful because yesterday felt like PURE TORTURE at work. It was just so slow/everyone wanted to sit outside on the patio because it was beautiful out.  And to top it off, I think I got a relatively good night of sleep..until Eric woke me up at 730 to ask me if he could use my car to take Scott to the doctor because he has to take his to the mechanic. I went downstairs half asleep to get orange juice after he woke me up and let's just put this out there.....I am by no means a morning person, lol. I am what you'd like to call cranky. 

The rest of my day involves going to a doctor's appointment and then getting some chicken and stuff to make dinner tonight. I also have to bake a cake because it is this lovely lady's birthday! Today is my mom's birthday and I won't reveal her age but I am happy that I do not have to work tonight and we can be together. Plus, I dont think she should have to cook on her birthday! :)

I officially applied to New York State for my Special Education certificate and now they have to review a bunch of things. It was $100 for the certificate! Such a rip off! I actually totaled the amount of money I spent on everything I had to do to get certified for teaching...$100 for that certificate, another $100 for my other two certificates, $100 for fingerprinting, $480 in certification tests, $40 for autism workshop, $25 for two other workshops, etc. It's such a money making scheme. Downside? There are no jobs in NY! Now its just a waiting game for them to send me a letter and be like "We need your transcripts" which I have. I just hope sooner or later I can get a job.


  1. So jealous you don't have to work till Thursday! I don't think anyone should have to cook on their birthday either! It's your day! Also, I am SO not a morning person husband (bless his heart) knows not to talk to me in the morning because I am just a big grump!

    1. My poor boyfriend is in for it on our cruise. I told him the mornings we are at sea, we have to sleep in and I require a lot of coffee!