Sunday, April 15, 2012

A pot of coffee...

I very may well just start drinking a pot of coffee. I remember I didn't start drinking it til I came home from Spain (the coffee pot we had there was such a HASSLE). I need all the energy I can get to get through my days. I am super happy to NOT be working a double today (I am tomorrow) so I can go to my friend Ashley's party. However, I am thrilled so not looking forward to next week. I am working three doubles in a row aka three days of people thinking this is a "I come in here and pick my own seat and argue with you over the company rules" restaurant. Wonderful. Moneywise it will be great. I did tell my boyfriend I will be coming home and going to bed every day so he can deal with that. Haha.

On Thursday, John and I spent the day in the city. I know most people love NYC and would give anything to only live 1 hour 21 train ride away from it (or like 45 minute drive w/o traffic) but I can handle it for about a day. I would NEVER want to live there....I am a suburbs with the white picket fence type. We started our day off at the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. I went here for the first time about five years ago and then I went to the original one in London. Some of the wax figures are really realistic looking and others barely look like the people. We took some great pictures! (Just a few of the many!)

For lunch, we went to Jekyll & Hyde's. I had also been here once before but I think at night and let's face it, it was probably better at night. After having lunch, we walked arounded for awhile and went into the Toys R Us in Times Square and just hung around until my favorite event....seeing The Lion King on Broadway. Y'all, it was SPECTACULAR! We had the mezzaine seats but honestly, you still got an awesome view. I cried during the opening number "The Circle of Life." It is an awesome show and I can see why it was a sold out performance. I have always said that Beauty & The Beast is my favorite Disney movie but The Lion King may be surpassing it.

Us in Times Square before seeing The Lion King

Friday after work, John & I met up with Shannon & Dan, Amanda & Zach and Olivia & Marc to see Titanic in 3D. Only we saw it in Imax3D. I'm not sure what I liked more, the fact that there were like 20 people in a theater for almost 500....or Olivia's commentary throughout the movie. It was hysterical. I haven't sat down and watched that movie probably since I saw it in theaters & then bought the 2 VHS tape pack back when it came out. And not going to lie, the entire time I was watching the ship sink I was thinking in the back of my mind "Please God don't happen or crash on my cruise in a month!" (Granted cruise ships have come a long way in 100 years and there's enough life jackets for everyone!) Considering I got home from the movie at about 2:45 and went to bed after 3, I am exhausted!

My mom's birthday is Monday and I am happy I am not working so I get to spend it with her. We're also renewing our phones/I'm getting my own contract andI can finally get my iPhone. Sadly, I know part of me will miss my Blackberry but I will NOT miss the sticky keys.

Also, speaking of iPhones, some a-hole stole my co-worker Christine's iPhone yesterday. Yep, stole it right from the host stand. She had it underneath charging and then took it off. When she went to go leave to take her break before coming back, it was gone (I came in at the time when she was starting to panic and look for it). We checked EVERYWHERE and I even went through the garbage in the bathroom (people take the soap dispenser's and chuck them in there sometimes...weird people). She only had the phone for four months barely and I felt so bad. She went to Verizon and the ESN was deactivated and was reported stolen so whoever took it can't use the phone (sucks for them now). So keep that in mind if your iPhone ever gets stolen! I know when I get mine I am activating the "Find my iPhone app" and everything if it gets lost/stolen. Plus, I am getting insurance on it too. I would feel "naked" in a sense w/o a phone!

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  1. I am so jealous that you got to touch wax Justin Timberlake.