Monday, April 9, 2012

The countdown is ON!

Folks, the countdown is ON!! 5 more weeks! 5 weeks from today I will be gallivanting to the city with the boyfriend to embark on the Carnival Miracle cruise ship to go on my trip! To say I am excited is an understatement. I am itching to go away. I actually woke up this morning and thought the task of packing is going to be a nightmare. But I can't wait. And when I come back, there'll be an OVERLOAD of pictures!

I do feel bad about not going to church yesterday but my mom slept in because she was not feeling well and I took every advantage to sleep in. That felt glorious! I volunteered to get my grandma to bring her to my brother's house because she doesn't drive anymore and someone has to pick her up. My mom was still getting ready and my brothers wouldn't (plus Brian has the excuse of he needs to clean out his car). So, I drove out to get her and took her to CVS to get a plant to put on my PopPop's headstone and go to the cemetery. I had a palm wreath cross that my mom asked me to put on my dad's and my grandma was really happy I took her. She said she couldn't remember the last time she went.

Afterwards, we went to my brother's house and had a nice Easter. We celebrated my niece Emma's third birthday (she turned 3 last Wednesday) and I don't have to worry about taking her gift back. She opened it, handed it back to me and goes "OPEN PLEASE!" HAHA! Love that kid. She is such a ham too. Overall, it was a nice holiday spent with the family.

Just one of these days I would like to wake up feeling refreshed after going to bed and not like I was hit by a truck. I am working til 9 tonight and will be home by 930ish or so (unless it is super dead and they send me home early). My goal is to try to go to bed super early...let's see if I can actually make this happen!!

(I started this entry before I went to the gym and now it has been a few hours...)
After the gym, Amanda and I went to the mall to go to Vitamin World. She wanted to get stuff and while I was there, I asked what would help me get more energy. I feel like poop half the time and I think it has to do with lack of supplements or something. $40+ later, I walked out with three different bottles of things that will hopefully get me feeling better.

I also feel somewhat productive right now. I called my gyno's office since they sent me the card and have to go back for an appointment regarding my birth control. This is good because maybe she can enlighten me why I have not had a period for two months. I really hope it's just from my birth control lightening it because I will keel over and die (not literally) if I was pregnant. I am also getting my brakes done on Wednesday this week. They are just squeaking WAY too much and I am almost not feeling safe driving, which isn't good. The mechanic says its just "brake dust" but it shouldn't be doing it for going on four months. Hence why I am not going to go to him anymore and take it to the dealer. It'll probably cost me $300 but you know what, at least I'll have a peace of mind.


  1. Hope you get some well deserved rest!!

  2. Hope your brakes don't cost you $300!!!

    I nominated you for a major award.. Check it out!