Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Randoms

It's the weekend, y'all! I, of course, will be spending it at my job. I was there for a few hours Thursday and all day Friday. I'll be there all day tomorrow (or rather today, Sat) and Sunday. At least after Sunday I am not working again until Thursday! And you know what I could do after work tomorrow if I wasn't hanging with my boyfriend? Go meet Mike the Situation from the Jersey Shore. Although I'd rather meet Pauly D!

John made the reservation yesterday for the car to pick us up to take us to the port for the cruise. I honestly realized that on Monday, I will be leaving in three weeks. OH MY GOD! The day of the cruise, I may actually squeal in delight. I have so much to do in that time frame. While I was bored at work today, I decided I think I should get a floppy hat. I don't want my scalp to get burnt like it has in the past (I am Irish!). I think I am going to look in Forever 21 on Monday and see if they have this one. Would I look dorky? I hope not. Hats sometimes do not work on me which is why I am afraid of looking dorky.

How is Alex McCord, aka a Real Housewive of New York City,'s cat getting hit by a car newsworthy? Oh I am sorry it died but come on! Get yo act together! I am not ashamed to admit that I check that sight every day to see if Jessica Simpson has popped yet. I mean, I feel like she has been pregnant for the last YEAR. Just look at her, the poor girl looks like she is ready to blow!

Seriously, how is she wearing those heels while being THAT pregnant?! I can't even wear those.

I am not really thrilled about having to go back to the dentist on Tuesday after being there last Tuesday. I have to get a cavity filled and I hate the dentist. I also hate anything dealing with needles so I am already having anxiety about the Novocaine. I do brush my teeth every day but considering I haven't had a cavity in like 9 years, it's okay. At least it will be done and over with.

I got my iPhone on Wednesday night and I am in love. Ha! My mom and I went to the Verizon store at the mall because we were going to split from the family plan we are on. I can get a discount through my job on my phone and she gets one from her's. Apparently though, the guy said when I took the upgrade on my mom's phone when my Blackberry's ball stopped working last summer, it renewed our contract until 2013. So next year, when my mom turns 65, she can pay $40 a month, I can split from her and keep EVERYTHING I was grandfathered in under (win!) and it'll be fine. I'm okay with that. Plus, I was super happy they had it in white! I already have Words with Friends, Draw Something, Scramble, Pinterest, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, etc as apps. I added Instagram but not sure how that really works yet. Plus, I added the Chase & Amex mobile apps, ALL FOR FREE! :) I think the first paid app I will get is the one for Hot Schedules, the service my job uses to send us our schedules. Pretty cool. I am happy I only paid a $100 for the phone (it retails for $549 w/o a 2 year contract!!) 

In other news, I wish Fox wouldn't "lock" their episodes of "Glee." Umm, where am I suppose to WATCH it if my DVR messes up during the recording?! Sigh. I love this show. Who doesn't love Sue Sylvester's quirks?

One of these days/nights, I would love to just be able to go to bed when I feel exhausted. I am going to be whining tomorrow because I can't go to bed early. Ugh. I dont know how I ever survived college on 4-5 hours of sleep and all-nighters. Go figure! I think I'll pass out now.

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