Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Happy Wednesday y'all! It is time for another one of my favorite link ups, "What I'm Loving Wednesday!" with Jamie. Head on over to her blog to link up! :) ''

I'm loving that this little handy gadget will be MINE in the matter of a few hours! I am so excited to FINALLY be upgrading to my iPhone and getting rid of my Blackberry. Part of me is sad because I like it but I can't take the sticky keys anymore.

I'm loving that I applied for my first two teaching jobs. Granted, they are subbing but hey, it's a step in the right direction!

I'm loving the state of Georgia as always. I love this pin I found on Pinterest the other day:

I'm loving that "The Lucky One" comes out this Friday! OH MY GOD I can't wait to see it! Why does Zac Efron look so hot in it?!

I'm loving that the Real Housewives of New Jersey returns THIS SUNDAY! I swear, this is my favorite series of them all (Orange County comes in a close second). Can't wait to see the drama unfold this season. 

I'm loving that my job is bringing back the seasonal drink, the Strawberry Mojito, along with the strawberry cheesecake for the summer! We usually have to try the new items in pre-shift so we can describe it to the guests (even hosts so if guests have questions) and this is my FAVORITE drink!



  1. Looks like Zac has been drinking his milk... Cause dayum he looks good...

  2. I'm jealous that you are getting an iphone! I read the Lucky One when it came out, it's hard for me to picture Zac as the main character but I don't mind :)

  3. Ahh! I can't wait for RH of NJ to premier! It looks like such a dramatic season! Yayyy!

  4. Subbing is what can get you in the door! Good luck!

  5. You will never go back once you have the iPhone. I took awhile before jumping on the boat but I'm so glad I finally did. And I can't wait to see "The Lucky One" too. I love Zac Efron!

    1. I have had it a matter of like 4 hours and I am addicted. Worse than the crackberry!

  6. I loved the book The Lucky One. I hope it lives up at least a little bit. Otherwise we have Zac to fall back on.ha!

    Jealous you got an IPhone. I can't wait till my contract is up to get one.