Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The future

Life's funny, isn't it? I remember thinking when I was younger how I wanted to be engaged or married by the age I am now (25) and was hopefully living on my own working in a school. Gosh, I was so naive! Here I am, almost three years since I graduated from college (what?!) and a year after being done with my Master's and I feel like nothing is accomplished, ha! Well, I have a masters and two certifications for teaching at age 25 which is pretty good. I do have a boyfriend. :)

I just think in today's economy & society, things are way different now then they were back in the day. More kids my age are still living at home. You can't even get a cardboard box for a decent price in NY haha. The topic of jobs came up as a discussion at Easter (somehow every family holiday/function it does) and even my brother Mark, who got his first teaching job when I was in 4th grade (there's a 13 year age gap between us), said I am better off moving out of New York to find a job because I am more likely to get experience elsewhere in the next few years. That is a reality I have come to accept and you know, it's not that bad. I have no idea where my future will lead me, but I am sure it will be one heck of a ride. My plan is to:
  • update my resume
  • send in my Special Education certification online (yay for another $50)
  • apply to at least 5-10 districts for subbing.
  • look into the states I'd consider moving to for what their certification requirements are (I already have Georgia's).

Wish me luck in this!

Also, I know Blogger changed their layout in the past few weeks (like Facebook with that stupid timeline) and I had switched. However, I am getting bored of my blog layout and I am having difficulty finding where you edit the layout/template on the new blogger to update it. HELP ME PLEASE! If you also have suggestions or your favorite places of where you get your layouts, let me know.

I would love if Shutterfly's website would stop being such a butt and would stop freezing as I try to upload the pictures that I want to print off for my mom's birthday. Or maybe it's just my computer.

I can't wait for my boyfriend to find the new car he wants and get rid of his mustang. He's probably going to get a Ford Focus. Apparently he just test drove it and loved it. Plus, with gas costing almost $4.15 a gallon here where we live, it'll be a blessing since it gets GREAT MPG. 


  1. Hey Girly my friend is in the same boat as you. Outta college for 7 years and can not find a teaching job in NY or NJ to save her life. She has been subbing since she is outta college. I have suggested the same thing to her about looking outta state. I have another friend who graduated college and couldn't fing a teaching job in NY or NJ and she went to VA and found a great job no problem. My advice to you is to at least LOOK into going to another state. I know it is hard to leave your home and your family but it may wind up being the best thing for you in the long run. Good luck no matter what you decide!

    And gas....OUTTA CONTROL!

  2. My husband is a 5th grade teacher in Wisconsin and there are 2 job openings in his school for elementary teachers! The cost of living is probably cheaper then out there but gas in the same! Anyway, I'm hoping you find something very soon!!

  3. Oh gosh girl, I know exactly what you mean!! It can be so depressing too!! :( Good luck with everything! Do whatever you can to brighten your future! I know moving might be really hard, but I am sure def worth it!