Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I feel like it has been WEEKS since I have linked up for WILW with Jamie. Life has just been so crazily busy (aka I still need to schedule a doctor's appt that I got a card for in the mail last MONTH) I kinda let blogging go sidetracked. But, here I am!

Link up with Jamie today!


I am LOVING that I graduate on Saturday with my Master's Degree!! I will be 24 years and having completed my Master's in a year and a half will be the biggest accomplishment for me. This semester proved to be the TOUGHEST out of everything so I am super excited! I'll be sure to take pictures (and yeah, might wanna hang up my gown & hood to get the wrinkles out of it).

I'm LOVING that today my best friend is graduating with HER master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. Major shout out to April! Love you!

Student teaching. I'm loving that all my observations are over with as of now. My last one was last Thursday. I originally had all four elements for language classes (speaking, reading, writing, listening) in my plan but my co-op teacher and I altered it a bit based on 6th period (I got observed 9th). Overall, my supervisor was pleased to see the change in me (still commenting how a mentor teacher would be a good benefit for me when I get a job...who doesn't want that as a first year teacher?!) and I passed my student teaching. :) It's pass/fail and I'm so glad that chapter is over!

Another major side note. I also had to write a thesis for my Master's Program. It was a two semester class. My thesis was 31 pages and was on comparing attitudes towards teaching between elementary school teachers and secondary school teachers. My professor also gave me a great grade for that. Two big things off my shoulders!

It's almost summer time! The weather is kind of being gross this week in NY with rain (and I'm praying it does NOT rain on Saturday morning of my graduation). I cannot WAIT to be going to the beach, hanging with my friends, relaxing (even though I'm taking two special ed classes this summer) and enjoying some of these:

Concerts!! I will be seeing Britney Spears on August 2nd with my BFF Shannon. And then again, we will be seeing Taylor Swift on November 22nd at MSG in NYC!! We both saw Britney together at MSG two years ago when she had her "Circus" tour. And I saw Taylor last May on her "Fearless" tour. I am so excited for these concerts. Yes, we will be 24 and 23 (almost 24 for Shannon) at the Britney concert in May and we are NOT ashamed!

My friends. I'm loving all the plans we're coming up with for the summer and I cannot wait to spend time with them!

What are you loving this week?!

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