Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, y'all! I hope everyone is enjoying it and that you have fabulous weather, wherever you may be!

I babysat my nieces Sara & Emma and nephew Steven on Friday. Both of their parents are teachers and their districts used too many snow days or something so they had to work. My niece Sara (who is in kindergarten) didn't have to go to school so they needed someone to watch them all for the day since their babysitter couldn't. In comes Aunt Kristin. My nephew went to his preschool for 2.5 hours so that was a nice break. While he was there, we took a walk outside and the sun was so hot I definitely think I got some color! Then, we had to pick the lovely Stevie Wonder (as my mother affectionately calls him) up from preschool. I took them to the library to get out some tapes and they're so cute in the library! Our library is WAY bigger than when I was little....within the last few years they moved and it's a lot nicer. Then, it was off to 7-11 to get Slurpees because it was way too hot. I had all three of them in there with me and someone commented how cute Emma was (she is 2) walking with her little slurpee. And then proceeded to ask if all THREE were MINE?! HAHA I had myself a good laugh. I love them, and I love children. But I am in no way ready to have kids.

Friday night I worked and then went off to my friend's party. I got to see Zach & Amanda who I haven't seen since our Disney vacation in January. Also got to see Jess Lynn (I lived with her in Spain), Emily, Eva, Sarah and a bunch of the other regulars I usually see. It was a fun night with some drinking, games, "icing" people. I think I ended up going to bed around 3:30am and could barely sleep because my man-friend (I wont call him boyfriend just yet) John decided to sleep right below my feet and there was SOOO MUCH of the couch left. I was basically in a fun.

Around 630am, I decided I had enough and would go home to go sleep in my own bed. On my way out of Olivia's neighborhood, I'm coming to a stop at the stop sign to make a left to continue on my way. All of a sudden, this girl makes the WIDEST RIGHT TURN I have ever seen. So freaking wide she came onto the RIGHT side of the road where I was and ALMOST hit me HEAD-ON. Luckily, I have sharp reflexes (despite how tired I was) and swerved left and honked my horn at her. SERIOUSLY! WHAT THE FRIG? She had a look like "Ooops did I do that?" on her face. Get your act together, child. Pay attention while driving!!

Then I had to work and since it is Memorial Day weekend, it felt SO SLOW. OMG I was there for 5 hours and it was torture. And of course I couldn't play on my phone because theres now a new policy if we're seen on our phones, they'll get taken away. I get we should be able to put away our phones while we're at work but it was just torture. Haha. I felt NAKED without my cellphone!

Sleeping last night was a dream. I actually woke up at 830 this morning and felt pretty-refreshed. I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow and Tuesday. Got to get some summer-work for my summer classes done in there somehow but I just love to sleep.

I am also in the mood to update my music collection. My itunes has all my CDs imported, etc and has 2000+ songs. I get music ADD often and need new songs. Suggestions are welcome! What are some of your favorite jams/favorite summer songs?

better go shower before the double i have to go work today. this'll be fun!

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