Monday, May 23, 2011

Misc Stuff

Last week I made John take me to see "Something Borrowed." It's the movie version of the book written by Emily Giffin. I was reading this book when I was in Georgia and finished it before I came home. I knew I wanted to see the movie. Let's face it..I love chick flicks! I would say most girls do. And John doesn't mind going and seeing chick flicks with me. After all, I have to see weird manly movies with him, so it is only fair!

I have to say that the book was way better than the movie. Yeah, the movie was still good and I'll probably buy it on DVD. But there were obvious plot discrepancies. I am really looking forward to seeing "Bridesmaids" this week with my friends Shannon and Olivia. Apparently, it is the female version of "The Hangover" so I can't wait! And "The Hangover Part 2" comes out this week! Score! I love the summer because I feel like a ton of good movies always come out. The last installment of the Harry Potter series is also due out in July!

I had my first summer class today and it was not so bad. She let us out early and there were only 10 of us (apparently 12 are enrolled). Plus, I rented my textbooks for my two summer classes. What a great option! I think it was over $100 to rent the two buy better than it being almost $200 to buy them...USED! I never liked buying textbooks. They were always such a rip-off! You'd buy it and then they'd give you like 1/10th of what you paid when you tried to sell them back.

I am actually really excited I am not doing anything tomorrow! Well, my summer class is at night..and silly me, I thought it started at four when it starts at five! Whoops! Tomorrow, my project is going to be taking the winter stuff OUT of my closet and organizing into bins/bags/boxes and putting all the summer stuff up. I love to do this. What's not easier to do then put on a movie or a TV show on DVD and clean whilst watching? :) I also need to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a new mattress cover. Mine like ripped piece by piece off so I want a new one. :)

I am thrilled I dont have to get up at 530 anymore! I know I will have to when I teach but for now, it is nice to be able to sleep in! Time to go iron my clothes before work. Apparently there's a fundraiser at my job tonight for a teacher that actually taught in my brother's district. They had one last Wednesday and it was busy so let's see what happens tonight!

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