Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun day

Today, Shannon, Olivia and I all hung out. They're two of my best friends I met when we went to college. I'm lucky that Shannon lives about 5 minutes from me in one direction and Olivia 15 (20 with traffic) in the other. We try to make it a point to hang out once a week, whether it has been a movie, drinks at Dave & Buster's, shopping, something. Last week we hit up the mall.

Today, we had lunch at Applebees and had delicious strawberry margaritas. At 12:30pm. Yep. Well hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere! ;) After lunch, we saw Bridesmaids, the movie. Considering Jude Apptow, who did the 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up was the director, I was expecting it to be hilarious. OH MY GOD....It was SOOOOO funny. We kept laughing and made jokes about what we won't do in the future when we get married.

Perfect day to have right before going and sitting in class for three hours. I'm happy I'll be done with my summer classes June 23rd!

I have been majorly attempting to clean my closet and get the sweaters off the hangers/rack. Well, that happened tonight. Then I took a look at all the clothes on my floor, saw it was 11pm and decided I was just going to throw it in my closet, shut the door, and worry about it another day. I would work on it tomorrow. However, I'm helping my brother & sister-in-law out by watching their kids while they go to work (they're both teachers) since their kids have off for memorial day and their districts don't. So I will probably wait til Wednesday night or Thursday. We shall see! It'll get done...eventually. I also have another bag of clothes to donate - YAY!

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  1. Glad you got to catch up with friends! Margaritas are perfectly acceptable at 12:30! It's the afternoon :)