Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there! Whether you're a mother, grandmother, godmother, aunt, sister, expectant mother, you're a mother figure to someone and they love you dearly for it. :)

I have a wonderful mother who I would not trade for the world. Granted, there are some times when she can be annoying, but isn't that a rite of passage? (At least that is what my mom tells me...I'll get to be annoying whenever I want as a mom when I have kids). And yes, there are times when we will fight over stupid stuff. But, my mom is probably my biggest support system. I will have days where I just cry because NOTHING is going right and she helps remedy that in some way. She knows I am so busy with my last few days of student teaching, the end of the semester, working, that I barely have time to do my laundry. While I was out at work yesterday, she not only did my laundry for me and put it in my room, she also took out my garbage that has been sitting in my room behind my door for like two weeks, no joke.

So to celebrate today, the family went out for brunch. It was an interesting scenario because we had to go early enough so my brother could be at work by 11:45 and so we ate at the Airport Diner. It was pretty good food considering I felt sick to my stomach from going out last night. It was my mom, Mark & my SIL Laurie, their kids Sara, Steven, and Emma, my brother Eric, my brother Brian and myself. My brother Scott did not come. I gave my mom her present when we came home and I got her a spring Vera Bradley purse in the Watercolor pattern. She loved it and thanked me that it was NOT blue (She has 3 other Veras and they are all blue).

Right now, I am taking a quick break from my lesson plans to blog. I'm so busy I cannot WAIT for school to be over. I need to register for my CST [still!] so I can eventually get certified. I need to register for the two summer special ed classes. I need to register for the fall as well because if all goes according to plan, I'll get the special education extension by February. I picked up my cap & gown Thursday with my hood. It is ROYAL blue! The hood is black with the school colors [blue and gold] on it. I graduate on May 21st....exciting and thankful I will be done!

Well, time to go back to lesson plans! Have a happy mother's day, y'all!

Mom & I in my apartment in Spain when she came to visit me back in March/April 2008!

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