Sunday, May 15, 2011

If you could only see...

If you could only see the floor of my bedroom right now. It honestly looks like a BOMB went off in here! Oh my word. Currently, there's PILES of clothes sitting on my floor that need to go away. I pulled out all this stuff last week for a clothing review unit for student teaching. Did I put it back? Nope. All the kids' homeworks are spread out on the floor. I have done so much grading tonight. I still have to finish their tests and projects that were due Cinco de Mayo. That is my goal for my "prep" periods tomorrow and Tuesday.

I am DONE student teaching this week. It's kicked my butt the last few weeks and I'll talk more about it soon. As I'm sitting in my room, I just looked at the mess I am surrounded by and had to chuckle. I also took a picture of it which maybe I'll post. :)

Back to grading!

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