Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Only Me!

Ask any of my friends and it seems to me I am the one out of all of them that always has the worst luck! HAHA. Sort of comical, yet not.

I am just about two weeks away from graduating. I need to hand in my thesis by May 18th...and I graduate May 21st. I wrote the majority of it last semester....twenty-two pages. It is a two-part class so in the second half this semester, we did the surveys, put the results into a program, analyzed the data, finished our paper. Guess what? All my results...GONE. I luckily have my surveys with the answers printed off and my thesis that I can retype. But this is NOT how I wanted to spend the weekend before my last observation.

My friend Pedro showed me how to do the results again using Excel. We both have MacBook Pros and it was not working on my Macbook Pro at home now. There is a YouTube video that one of my friends/classmates Rebecca told me about and Pedro used. So I'll be doing it again in the library tomorrow night. BLAGH. NOT HAPPY.

Life will be like a bowl full of cherries and I'll be more optimistic come the end of the semester when all that doom looming over my head/shoulders is gone. :) For now, off to get some sleep for student teaching tomorrow!

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