Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer project!

Clearly, I am insane. Just clearly. If you asked any of my friends, they would tell you this outright! And they say my insanity/weirdness is what they love about me! Hmmm... :)

Well, now that student teaching is done and over, I am going to do something I have been wanting to do for awhile. Clean my room. And I mean, it really needs to be clean. Two years ago I redid my room and painted it lime green. My brother helped me. He never finished putting up my moldings around my closet (thankfully the doors are on it!) or the radiator. And when the ceiling was being painted (I think it is one of those popcorn ceilings), it bubbled and then I think he peeled it. So there's parts of my ceiling that need to be fixed. I really want my mom to hire someone to finish my room. She keeps saying she will but I would just like it. I also want my shelves back. I wanted to cut the one long shelf I had and stagger them to put up more pictures. I have so many picture frames because I love pictures.

And in the process of student teaching, clothes just began to make their own piles. I still have sweaters hanging in my closet. Hello, it is May 24th!! Summer is almost here and I doubt I will want to wear them in July when it is stifling hot! The beauty of being able to make my own work schedule (saying what days I can and can't work) will help with this. I am going to be overhauling my wardrobe and transitioning the clothes. In this process, I'm probably going to realize that I need more shorts because all my pants keep falling off me! Haha, no one wants to see that. So today when I was at Target, I bought a clear pink storage tote.I'm going to be using it for possibly storing the gazillions of bags I have under my bed. Then I need to figure out where I'm gonna put my DVDs.

This is going to be a length project and highly doubt I would finish it in one day. I would be insane if I did! I think it'll be good and I can go through what stuff doesn't fit me anymore either while cleaning. Can't wait to see the end result!

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  1. whew! that does sound like quite the project! good luck getting it all done :)