Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter break OVER?! :(

This past week, I was on winter break with the school I'm student teaching in. I loved it. Not getting up at 5:30am, sleeping and having somewhat of a relaxed schedule. Although,I still had my other school obligations for grad school and worked, it was nice to have a break from the daily grind.

Monday - Worked. And I'll be back at work tonight.
Tuesday - Relaxed, tutored, went into the city to see April and spend the night.
Wednesday - Went to the MET, came home,went to class, came home.
Thursday - Did a ton of errands I have been putting off for weeks. I basically changed my dentist appointment, scheduled an appointment to get my ID badge for my second student teaching placement but their machine is broke so they have to call me back, scheduled an appointment with the lung doctor as per my mother's request (now I just have to get a copy of my chest xray), went to the bank,did a little shopping. I also tutored for an hour, did lesson plans, tutored again and then went to the movies later that night. I saw "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler and Jennifer was pretty funny!
Friday - I hung out with Allison and went shopping before I had work. And then again, as usual, my friends and I went to our favorite Fri night hangout, Dave and Buster's. We'll be back again this Friday.
Saturday - I worked a double and seriously, by 7pm, I was ready to smack people. Some people that come in are just so rude it is not funny. I am really looking forward to when I finally get a Saturday off in the near future. I also got to see my friend Amanda who I haven't seen since Christmas.
Sunday - Worked and then came home and did lesson plans. I'm excited I have them all planned out for the week for the 7th graders, but no idea when he wants me to take on the 8th graders and I have to do that this week sometime because I only have a month left in this placement!

Seriously, I am dragging today. Already. It looks like it is going to be a 3 cups of coffee kind of day. Boo. Considering my plans are done for tomorrow and my PP for my lesson is done, I'm gonna seriously eat dinner and go to bed when I come home tonight. WAY too tired.

And now it is time to go hop in the shower and get ready for school. Considering tomorrow is March 1st, and I graduate May 21st (May 22nd if it rains), I am ready for school to be over! Haha.

And yesterday marked 25 years in heaven for my father. He went to heaven before I was even born, before my parents even knew they were expecting me. I've been told that I look like him and have his wits, personality, organization skills, etc. I know he would be proud of where his little girl is at now. I'm proud to know I have at least one angel in Heaven watching over me. :)

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