Monday, February 21, 2011

This is just not funny..

Snow. AGAIN. I'm not kidding. It was suppose to be a wintery mix and then it ended up being like 5"inches or something. I mean, that's NOTHING compared to the two feet of snow that we had for like 2 weeks in a row for awhile. It all just melted and I had seen grass for the first time since CHRISTMAS! Don't get me wrong....snow is all nice and fun as a teacher because of snow days.But this winter is making me hate being in New York with all the snow! I just want to be someplace warm and tropical.

It was nice to wake up and see my brother Brian cleared off my car for me. In the past, I've shoveled out everyone's cars and my own or they've just shoveled out their's and not mine. Again, it wasn't that much but it was nice to not have to go clear it off before I make a Target run & Old Navy run in a bit for new work pants.

You know what is annoying? When you know you have off for a week, you tell your family to not be loud because it's the first time you can finally sleep in and they do it anyways! I was up at 3:30am because I was dying of thirst. Then again at 7something with my mom talking and finally around 9:30, I just gave up sleeping and played on my laptop in my bed. Tomorrow, however, will be a different story! Nothing to do until 3pm when I have to tutor = sleeping, showering, packing for my overnighter to see April!

BTW, can someone send the cleaning fairies to me? My closet needs MAJOR cleaning/reorganization pronto.

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  1. Yeah I can't believe there is snow AGAIN. I'm sick of this.

    Aw that was so nice of your brother!

    Sorry your family woke you up though. Hopefully you will get to sleep in a bit this week!