Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday :)

I'm linking up with the lovely Jamie for WILW!

I'm loving that my cooperating teacher and I finally got to speak tonight. He's been out with back problems for two weeks tomorrow and I haven't been able to figure out what I am doing. I feel MUCH better about the situation now (although what I did just find out from my mom makes me wish something diff....I'll explain later) and I am totally looking forward to finally meeting him on Monday!

I'm loving I had a lazy day today and stayed home from student teaching due to icey roads. It was a 2 hr delay and the classes were 20 mins....not worth it!

I'm loving this little cute. My pride & joy. My goddaughter. I saw her (and her siblings) last night. I love being her godmother & aunt:
(her recital this past summer...note it was 1030pm by the time we finally got to see her after she danced).

I'm loving the idea of going back here in August with my goddaughter, her siblings, her parents and my mom:

I'm loving this dress from Ann Taylor Loft. I wish I had an excuse/place to wear it!
*Side note: My mom was shoveling ice away from our mailbox when the mother of one of my brothers friends stopped by as she was driving down the street. She's the secretary in our high school. Evidently my mom told her my predicament/problems with getting placed for student teaching and apparently, had I asked her, she would've placed me in my district!!! UGH! And it's because my stupid college tells us that my home district is one we can't "pre-place ourselves." WHY OH WHY. Just another reason I hate my college. HAHA.

Time to go find something to eat, pick out an outfit for tomorrow (I'm not good at making decisions at 6:15am when I get outta the shower) and watch SVU before hitting the hay!

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  1. I and my family are Disney "fanatics" as well, haha.
    we've been countless times, and my mom always says the men we marry must love Disney world ;)

    have a great day!