Friday, February 18, 2011

almost the weekend!

It is almost the WEEKEND, yay!! I am excited because A, its the end of a school week and B, vacation next week!

Today was my first observation for student teaching. My cooperating teacher left the room while I was observed by my field supervisor. To say it felt nerve-wracking doesn't describe it. The kids knew I was being observed and were so well behaved. They're my favorite class. Is that bad I have a favorite? :) I did a paired information gap activity where the kids had to work with partners. My supervisor said that it was very brave of me to do that for my first observation, considering I have only been teaching them for 4 days including today. But overall, he loved it. He said I have excellent classroom management skills which can be difficult to develop. But I have to be more animated/less stiff in the front of the class. Its something I know I have to work on and that I'll develop on my own as a teacher and have my own style. I am glad it is over though! I pretty much did nothing the rest of the day because as my cooperating teacher said something along the lines of "Your brain is shot, you were observed today...relax!" And that is what I did.

I went home to tutor for the class I took last semester. These students have some sort of LD and need help. I read to a kid and its nice. Then someone's tutor didn't show up so my professor had me sit there while the kid took the test. Then I was suppose to go drop it off in the school of Education but they told me another building, who sent me to the school of Education. But then the secretary told me she couldn't help me because she didn't know of any professors in there by that name...WTH?!

I need to go to a different Old Navy. I need another pair of light-weight black pants for work and they usually have them. Only they are either not selling them now or only have the crops/capris at the one by my house. Annoying to say the least but I'll travel to another one next week on my day off.

I am in the process of planning my flight to see my best friend Stephanie. The last time I saw her was May 2009 when she came to visit me and the rest of our friends were we went to school (she graduated a semester early). Her birthday is April 24th (Easter Sunday) and I'm on my spring break from student teaching the week before. I'm going April 20th-April 24th. Cannot WAIT to see her! It's hard to believe we haven't seen each other in two years but that's what her having a 9-5 job and me in school does. Nothing/no one like my Stephycakes.

Student teaching is whipping me out. I fell asleep last night as I was writing this entry. It's now 7:02am Friday morning and I need to go get dressed for school. Assemblies all day for diversity day!

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