Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way

This lovely song has been stuck in my head. It is Lady Gaga's latest single, called "Born This Way" off her next album. It DEFINITELY sounds like a Madonna song. But I can't help like it because it is catchy. And I'm always looking for song suggestions for my iTouch! :)

Ever have one of those days were you wish you could sleep in til like 2pm and then start your day? I really want that to happen over break but no such luck. However, sleeping til 9am or 10am is a dream compared to 5:30am! But today I was up early and just did a LOT of necessary tasks. I cleaned the kitchen for my mother, loaded/started the dishwasher, changed my dentist appt, called to get an appt for my ID badge for my second student teaching placement, set up an appt with the pulmonologist, went to the outlets, went to the bank, and handed in my education honor society application. Whew! Glad I did all that!

Sometimes, you need to treat yourself. And considering all I feel like I ever do is work and go to school, I decided I needed to reward myself. So, how did I do this? The Coach Outlet. I had a 30% off coupon in my email that had been tempting me. I went and everything I ended up getting was already 50% off PLUS I got an additional 30% off. Example: I got a wallet with a checkbook cover in it, originally $228 (I know, their prices are outrageous but I never pay full price), marked down to $160. It was 50% off that so it came to $80 then the 30% off, it was $54!!!! You cant beat that. So I got a bag that matches that wallet and then a small hunter green wallet (I like to change my wallets every so often...I get BORED easily) and a wristlet. My grand total? $200! That is a miracle! I dont normally go that crazy but I hadn't gone there since July and I was quite happy. Plus considering how I'm not happy with working a double again I needed to entice myself with something. Picture will follow soon!

I have one complaint. I do not like lesson plans. I know it is difficult when you're a newbie and starting out because you're essentially "creating" everything you'll use for the future. But, it is tedious and I feel like I NEVER have any good ideas. I need to email my old Spanish teacher from middle school, Mrs.Reith, who I wish I could have done my student teaching with this semester. Maybe she'll have some ideas. I'm also gonna talk with my cooperating teacher on Monday as to what I could do for my observation #2 on Wednesday but seriously, I dont like them. I lack creativity. Heck if I had to do it for ALL the subjects in elementary school, I'd be dead!

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  1. Lessons plans are my worst enemy right now! I feel like that's all I ever do any more. ugh lol