Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Quick update

I havent written in almost a week and it's because I am either at school, work, doing homework/lessons or trying to sleep.

My cooperating teacher came back yesterday. He seems really nice! He has two 7th grade classes first and second period. I can't teach first period because it is a natives class. That is fine by me. Since it is all native speakers, my cooperating teacher said I can sit in on it if I want, but I can come in at 8:30 for 2nd period. Fine by me! After 2nd, he has a study hall, followed by two 8th grade classes, lunch, another 8th grade class, common planning for LOTE (Language Other Than English) and then a free period. I usually work on lessons or google ideas for them during the free periods. Lunch, I play on my crackberry.

Tomorrow I'm doing a Hagan Ahora (Do Now) for the 8th graders. Hopefully it goes well. I need to do more things in the front because soon it is going to be my class...my responsibility!!

Time to go to bed. I'm too tired to function. I'll post more tomorrow.

XoXo, Moi.

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