Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life as we Know it

Today, I was kind of feeling blah. But not really til, I got home. My lovely cooperating teacher lets me come in at 8:30 so the extra hour I sleep is a HUGE difference. Although, I must buy creamer soon for my coffee because regular milk in it with my Splenda (I'll admit...I put a lot in! :X) does NOT do it for me. And as soon as I got in my car this morning, I realized I needed to get gas. It was starting to go below the 1/4 of a tank line. I didn't get it until AFTER student teaching. Whoops.

School is going good. I definitely need to speak Spanish to myself in places...the shower (haha), car, my friends who are also studying to be Spanish teachers, etc. I almost feel intimidated because my cooperating teacher is a native/speaks it perfectly. Today, we reviewed more time with the 7th graders and they get a quiz tomorrow. I'm a big dork but I love grading papers. When I have my own classroom, I can't wait to put stickers on them. HAHA. I did the "Hagan Ahora" aka "Do Now" with 5th & 7th period (2 eighth grade classes) and gave them the new chapter vocabulary to look up. I had to tell them more than half of them because they don't listen or don't want to do the work. I am suppose to be observed next week on Thursday. Here's to hoping it goes well! I hope I have that "natural look/feeling" that my cooperating teacher last semester said I had! (Part of me wishes I stayed, part of me is glad I moved on.)

I am a little annoyed about my seminar class last night. It goes along with student teaching and is suppose to meet 7-9:41(why is such an odd time!). However, the professor wanted to move it up to 5 which is fine because I have my thesis class before but it is really only when you need "help" with the last two sections of the paper. So we go there and my professor from my part-time student teaching seminar from last semester is there with her undergrad student teachers. Why am I annoyed? Because this woman made class like a therapy session last semester, kept cancelling it ALL the time, and I feel like I learned nothing! Put 8 grad students, 5 or 6 undergrads and 2 professors in a room and it was LOUD. I really learned diddly squat last semester. Hopefully it won't be too bad (I'm trying to be optimistic) but I honestly don't want to spend another $3000 for a class that doesnt benefit me!

So after school and tutoring today, I went to Target. I was looking for dress pants and any nice tops they might have for school because, I love Target & their prices. I needed new mascara (mine always clumps so fast!), dry-erase spray & eraser for my white board. As always, I browse the entertainment section. When I saw this movie, I had to buy it. I saw it on a date, loved it and love the actress in it. It definitely brightened my day. What movie is it?..........
If you haven't seen it, you must!

Time to go to bed. I am wiped.This weekend will be insane with work because of a tomorrow night, double Saturday and double Sunday. My brother (who has been teaching for like 15 years) said I am crazy for working while I student teach. I literally have 5 periods of the day I could plan (first - sit in the room & do it or go to the computer lab, 3rd during APP aka study hall, 6th during lunch, 8th during common planning and 9th when my teacher is free). My job isnt that bad (4 hour shift on Monday night) and then the weekend. I do have a money in the bank but I want some extra cash. I'm a bit of a night owl and can deal with a lack of sleep. Hopefully now that they hired a new host I wont have to work doubles on Saturdays anymore. But if I get Sunday evenings, I'll be happy because I can sleep past 12. I know I should focus more on lesson plans but I just took a look at the student teaching handbook and it doesn't seem that hard. All I know is after tomorrow, there are five school days left and then Feb break!! :)

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  1. Haha no matter what age I am, I always love stickers. Awesome!! I hope that class ends up being better than you think it will be. Seminar is supposed to be helpful!! I saw that movie on the plane! It actually was really good. :)