Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Love

It's time for the Wednesday lovin' post! I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW! :)

#1. I'm loving I will be getting to see my best friend Stephanie in 1 month and 18 days! Literally, we are both counting down. There's nothing like your best friend and it will be an AWESOME reunion that has been two years in the making.

#2. I'm loving my brother booked his family's flight to Disney so that's mom and I are going too! We have been talking about it and now its actually going to happen. I am so beyond thrilled I get to be there to experience my nieces (Sara & Emma) and nephew (Steven)'s first trip to Disney!

#3. The little things people do when you have a bad day. I student teach in the same school as a friend I met last semester and it's nice to have a familiar face. We both have the same field supervisor and we got observed again today. I felt so brutalized and letdown, emo, unhappy and all sorts of negative things after he told me his criticisms and highlights of my lesson. Nothing hurts more than being told "you're boring." I felt like I was finding out this wasn't meant to be my "calling in life." Ashley, my friend, bought me a card and wrote the sweetest message. She didn't have to do it. But I'm loving the thoughtfulness behind it! It brought a smile to my face.

#4. I am loving that I will be going to bed when I come home from work Friday. I don't care if its 9:30. I am so tired and overworked. I'm glad my friends & I are taking a D&B week break to do hw/work on a midterm/work.

#5. This munchkin. My goddaughter is seriously one of my favorite people ever. I saw her and her mom in Stop & Shop tonight and her toothless smile (she lost her first baby tooth!) brightened my day. What's not to love?
Me with the munchkin Christmas 2009

Short but sweet this week. I really wanted to go to bed early. But with my bad day today, I wanted an hour to just VEG and not do school work. So I watched America's Next Top Model (why do I feel like the earlier seasons were so much better!). Now it's off to bed so I can go to school and finalize the lessons for tomorrow during my first period prep.

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  1. So sorry you got some bad feedback! Just keep your head up and push forward!! You'll prove him wrong next time girl :)