Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I missed it last week! :( Boo. But as I sit there, possibly staying up LATER than necesssary, I wanna link up for WILW with Jamie! :)

#1. SPRING IS HERE. Or was rather (because it kinda snowed today and is suppose to). Friday it was so warm out, I drove home from school with the windows down, blasting my stereo. It put me in SUCH a good mood! I cannot wait to go to the beach and basically be in summer clothes soon! Hurry up!

#2 - Graduation Countdown - 59 days...well almost 58! I am SOOOOO freaked out yet thrilled at the same time. And I think I'm going back for another degree. Hehe.

#3- I got AWESOME deals today when I went to the New York & Co outlet at the Tanger Outlets near me. I got 5 shirts and a belt for like $100! NOT BAD AT ALL! Hello student teaching clothes!

#4 - My brother booked the hotel we'll be staying in at Disney. We're going large and staying in Coronado Springs. It is in the Animal Kingdom area according to Disney's website. The website portrays it to be GORGEOUS and I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to it. I'll post pictures of it hopefully tomorrow?

#5 - I get an easy week (kinda) next week with student teaching. Observing for a few days....then taking on teaching. My third observation (first in my new placement that i start MONDAY) is on April 8th.

#6 - Trip to New Paltz next weekend! Yay for having a brain break from school!

#7 - Four weeks from today I'll be in GEORGIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Visiting my best friend Stephanie! I am so excited.

This isn't as fun of a post as I hoped it would be. Oh well. I'm getting boring in my old age of 24. I need to go finish my lessons and my stupid evaluation. Pass-Port (the website my school makes us use to do it) is the stupidest invention in my book. Pointless. WASTE OF TIME. Oh, and I'm glad we're charged $17 to use it! /end rant.

Happy trails!

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