Monday, March 7, 2011

It's the Circle of Life!

I am currently writing up my lesson plans to turn into the department chair tomorrow and to motivate me to work, I have my itunes playing in the background. "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King came on and I just love that song. We watched that movie the night before we went to Disney almost two months ago (man, it feels like FOREVER!)

Ever have one of those days where it seems like it is not going to be a good day when you get up until you go to bed? Yeah, had one of those days. After a not very good night of sleep, I had a long day of teaching. My 7th graders are usually well behaved. I have no idea what was into them today but they would not STOP talking. I dont think as a teacher you should really yell (or ever have to) at them but I was starting to get aggravated asking every 5 seconds for people to be quiet. Enough was enough. I think it aggravated my cooperating teacher too because he gave them a discipline homework assignment of copying all their vocab words 5x and if they don't, they get a lunch detention. Let's see how many of them did it.

The 8th graders on the other hand were actually more pleasant to teach. They weren't happy with their quiz grades but clearly, they did not study nor pay attention to the review I did right before the quiz which was the SAME FORMAT as their quiz. We went over all the concepts, then gave them their quizzes back and then they did a classwork ditto. Now, I want to teach all the 8th grade classes in my next placement.

Work was not super busy. The only Monday night it was actually busy was Valentine's Day. We have a revolving door as the main door in our restaurant (we do have another that only opens from the inside for strollers/wheelchairs/other instances) and little kids love to play in that door. It makes me sick watching them spin and spin and spin. And believe me, those doors are not the best...I have seen kids smack their hands on it, their heads, etc. I told this one little girl to not play in the door because she could get her because her fingers were really near the edge. Apparently this did not please the mother I was just looking out for her safety because she was such a snot saying something along the lines of "Well she was holding herself up in it so she wouldn't get squished." Umm....WHAT?! Lady, you're crazy. Okay, so next time your kid gets hurt, blame it on yourself, not us. Sorry. I don't mean to rant but you meet the CRAZIEST people working in a restaurant (like the ones who seat themselves because you're seating someone else).

I found out today I was accepted into the National Education Honor Society at my grad school. As a grad student, you have to have a GPA of 3.5 or better (combining your undergrad GPA and your grad GPA), and two full-time faculty recommendations. Yay, I'm excited!! I was inducted into the National Spanish Honor Society and National French Honor Society as an undergrad. Just another awesome thing to have on my resume. :)

I've got so many things to look forward to in the next few weeks/Months:
~new student teaching placement on March! I'll be sort of sad to leave this one.
~trip to New Paltz with the friends!!
~induction into Education Honor Society
~visit to my BEST FRIEND STEPH IN APRIL!!!!!!!!
~My mom's birthday :)
~My niece Emma's birthday
~graduating GRAD school!! (May 21st!)

Okay, for now, for real, going to finish my plans.

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