Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funday!

It is Sunday Funday! Or rather not since I will be working a double again today after working a double yesterday. And, I work tomorrow night but thankfully Monday's are slow! After that, I don't have work again til Monday 4/4 because I asked for next weekend off. Yay!

I feel like I have been so busy lately that I really did not do any "blog-worthy" posts. The fact that I am student teaching, working 4 nights a week and tutoring two nights a week in addition to going to class one night a week makes me to be one INSANE person! I think as soon as I graduate, my body is going to shut down and sleep for 3463846 years to regain all the sleep I haven't got. I went to bed at 1:30am on Friday after staying up to finish things. What time did I have to get up to get ready for school? 5:45am. THAT was brutal. I still to this day, two years after I graduated college, cannot fathom how I functioned in classes on four or five hours of sleep. My friends and I talk about this all the time and we can't puzzle it together.

Friday was my last day in my first student teaching placement. I was mixed emotions about it. I was sad to go because a lot of the kids were like "Don't leave! We don't want him [my cooperating teacher] back teaching us!" "Why do you have to leave?" "You're the best teacher ever!" I also loved seeing one of my friends, Ashley, who is in my program with me at grad school, every day. We were lucky to be placed in the same school. She is there for the rest of the semester while I move on to my new placement. I am sad to not see her every day and talk about the insanity that happens with our students. I am also sad because I was growing "attached" to the kids. However, I am ready for a fresh at a school where hopefully the kids will not BITE people (yes, one of my students did that to another teacher). I am also ready for a new start because the first week of student teaching put a bad taste in my mouth. Also, I am ready to find ways to DAZZLE my supervisor when he comes to observe me April 8th. He said my lesson was "boring" the last time (March 2)...I'm sorry, but teaching grammar/how to conjugate verbs can't be as super thrilling as he wants it to be. Whatever, hopefully my new cooperating teacher will have some ideas to help me out. He is the friend of my brother Mark (who is a 5th grade teacher) so I am excited to go there tomorrow! :) School starts and ends around the same time my last placement did and it's about equal distance/time (roughly 21 mins with no traffic). Here's to leaving my house at 7:10 tomorrow to find it...Oy vey. :)

I am really excited to go away next weekend. Even though we are only going away for one night to visit New Paltz and coming back late Saturday, I feel like it is definitely WELL deserved. I can't remember the last night I did not have to do something school or work related. Sunday my mom and I plan on going out to the outlets which is something we don't get to do too often. It'll be fun. Maybe I should make it my goal to start shopping for shorts because all my pants keep falling off...even WITH a belt! I know that is something positive but it is also annoying because even after I wash them and dry them in hopes of shrinking, they just wanna fall off. And trust me, I do not want to be lookin like a fool with my pants on the ground. :)

I'm even further excited I get to go to Atlanta to see my best friend Stephanie. Our friendship is special. We met on Facebook back when we were freshmen in college. There used to be this "app" where you could post your class schedule and when you clicked on the section, you could see who else was in your class [only if they had posted it]. We had Intermediate French II together. We messaged back and forth, because I could not believe someone from Georgia was coming to a state school in New York (NJ, PA or CT I might understand...but GEORGIA?!). We sat near each other in French and began to talk on AIM when we had no idea what the homework was asking us to do.Then we started hanging out [it also helped my other friends lived in the same dorm as her] and then as they say, the rest is history. We ended up living together sophomore year and were going to junior year for the one semester I'd be there before I went abroad. However, someone [who neither of us are friends with now] kind of ruined that for us and our friendship almost dissolved. By NOT living together a second time, it made us stronger friends. When I came back from studying abroad to school in Fall 2008, we were almost inseparable. She graduated at the end of that semester early and then I had gone to visit her over Christmas break. Then she came up to visit everyone in May 2009. That was the LAST time I saw her. We keep in contact via texts, Facebook, and cards we send to each other in the mail. But there's nothing like seeing your best friend. I am SOOOO excited to see her I don't care at this point that the airfare was $400. I am most excited about making a scene in the airport when we see each other. :-D

I spent last night after work (which was crazy because I said to the other host Anj when we saw a coach bus "Imagine if they came in here" and we both laughed....they was the Boston University Softball team and they dispersed throughout the restaurant making it insanely busy!) googling the hotel we are staying in when we (my brother Mark, SIL Laurie, nieces & nephew Sara, Steven and Emma, my mom and I) go to Disney in August! I'll be there for the third time in 14 months which is exciting. :) We're staying at Coronado Springs and HOLY CRAP is it beautiful! There is even a salon and a place where you can get massages. I am TOTALLY getting one! I mean, just take a look at how beautiful this place is!

I can't WAIT to go!

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