Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Apparently Wednesday's are my favorite day of the week because I never forget to blog on this day!

Link up with Jamie for What I Love Wednesday! :)

#1 - I'm loving that I found out I got inducted into the Education Honor Society for grad school. I get inducted on April 15th. :) Yay, nerdy me.

#2 - As much work as it can be, tiring/exhausting, frustrating, and challenging, I'm loving the experience of student teaching. My teacher basically lets me do whatever I want for their lessons (I teach one 7th grade Spanish class and two 8th grade classes) and will give his suggestions/advice when he feels necessary. I'm cool with that. It's hard because you think they'll only take 3 days to learn something and instead it takes WEEKS. I really want to move on with this UNIT and start the next one. After all, my last day is March 25th with them before I move on to my next placement. The 7th graders had a project and I'm loving how creative they were!! :) It was on the verb SER and adjectives so they had to describe people. They did an awesome job.

#3 - I'm loving that there are no issues with my breathing after visiting the lung doctor today. Based on the chest x-ray he saw from pre-surgical testing, he wasn't thrilled with their interpretation, so he had me do another one (holy COW are they expensive!!) and gave me an inhaler to help with my lungs/cough. Let's see if that works! :)

#4 - I'm loving that I get to see Shannon & Olivia this week. It's been too long. :) I need me a night out.

#5 - Six weeks from today I will be in GEORGIA!!! Yay for spring break in Georgia. Bigger yay for Disney in July with my brother, sister-in-law, nieces, nephew and mom. :)

#6 - I'm loving the friendships/relationships/collaborations I have built while student teaching. It's nice to make connections.

#7 - I'm loving that I am about to go finish my lessons so I can go to bed EARLY tonight. And by EARLY, I mean before midnight! :)

Not many exciting things for today/this week but I'm kinda wiped. :) Have a wonderful rest of the week!!


  1. Congratulations on being inducted in the honor society! So glad you are truly enjoying student teaching :)

  2. What great things you are loving today!