Monday, March 7, 2011


Why is it, that when I have to get up early, I can't fall asleep? I'm like WIDE AWAKE and I have to get up in 5 hrs for school. UGH. And, when I can sleep a little late (like Sunday morning), I get up every hour?! My body needs to learn to deal with when I wanna sleep. :)

3 more weeks left in this placement of student teaching. And it's sort of a shame because I was just getting used to the school/kids. Now if ONLY my brother's friend would answer my email back. I'll have to ask my brother what is another way I can get in contact with him.

Speaking of student teaching, I sent my middle school Spanish teacher an email last week and was wondering if she'd ever respond. Friday at school during 9th period, I logged into my email to print something off for this week and she replied! I was soooo happy to hear from her as she was from me. Mrs. Reith was my Spanish teacher all three years of middle school (what a lucky duck I was!) and is the reason I want to be a Spanish teacher. In fact, I wrote my college admissions essay about her inspiring me to go into this profession and when I brought it back to her, it made her cry! I had hoped I would be able to do my student teaching with her and I wasn't able to...and in her email, I found out why. She told the chairperson (my other favorite teacher) that she would gladly take me on as a student teacher...but the chairperson couldn't find a high school teacher who would. I think the chairperson misinterpreted the memo because for my school, we don't have to do two placements (one middle school, one high school). We can if we want to, but for our certification, it isn't required. So I was kind of crushed when I read that. But, we're going to hopefully meet up this Friday at the Panera near the middle school/my house for coffee. :) It'll be SO nice to see her!

And in other news, my right thumb is still kinda swollen-looking. I worked again this weekend (gee, what else is new?!) and one of the servers (who I'm not fond of but whatever) turned around from one of his tables and ran SMACK into me with the stack of menus....and more like smack RIGHT into my right hand....bending my thumb. I thought I was going to cry it hurt but I kept shaking my hand and just holding it. I took some medicine (ibuprofen) and iced it when I came home and went to bed. It still hurt today and kinda hurts when I bend it. At least know I can use it to change gears in my car (I couldn't last night). I hope it's not broken or anything!

Now that my August trip to Disney with my brother's family is booked, we need to figure out a hotel. Anyone have suggestions for one that is not extravagant? It's the kids first visit and they are 6, 4, and 2 at the time of the visit.

Well, not an exciting entry but I promise to have one soon! I better get off to bed!

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