Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's Wednesday Love

Show what you're loving today! Heading on over to Jamie's blog for WILW! :)

#1 - I'm loving that in three weeks I will be in Georgia visiting my best friend, Steph. I've mentioned her several times. But seriously, I haven't seen her in two years so it makes me SOOO excited to see her. And when I say I need a vacation, I can't wait. Three more weeks!

#2 - I'm loving my new student teaching placement. I am still in a middle school environment, just in a different district. I'm actually in the district where my brother teaches, so I have a lot of his old students or athletes (he does girls tennis and baseball and at one point basketball). Plus, one of his friends is my cooperating teacher and another friend teaches in the building. Hopefully these connections will help me when I apply for a job!

#3- I'm loving that my friends and I are visiting New Paltz this weekend! I believe we are only staying for one night to go out and play in town on Saturday, but seriously, I'm excited. If it wasn't for my feeling that I had when I walked on that campus, envisioning myself there for 4 years (well 3.5 since part of a year was spent in Spain), I would not have met these AMAZING people.

Her new album! I am a big Britney fan and saw her in concert at MSG in NYC two years ago. Seriously, it's on my ipod. Thankfully, I rarely have anyone in my car with me going from student teaching, to work, to school, home, I'm gonna BLAST this for the next few days. Also, she is playing at Nassau Coliseum this summer and even though its $115 with taxes for the CHEAP seats EACH, my friend and I are going!

#5 -
Jodi Picoult's new book! I'm reading it when I have free time [like when I eat lunch during my lunch period at school although I feel guilty]. I seriously only discovered her when I was in the Madrid airport, trying to spend the last of my euros and bought her book "Nineteen Minutes." Finished it in two days! She is a fantastic writer and I really like this one.

Now, tonight is my only night to go relax really so off to go shower and go read more of "Sing me Home" before I go to bed!! Happy Wednesday all! :) Almost done with this week!


  1. Glad you're loving your new placement!

  2. What great things you are loving today! I hope that you had a great Wednesday!