Monday, August 22, 2011

{WDW: Travel/Day 1}

This time a week ago I was still in Disney World. I kind of wish I was back on vacation. I always love going away and hate coming back!! We left on a Tuesday and I have to say, it is nice having the local airport for Southwest Flights literally like 5 minutes from my house! I sat next to my brother and the 2 yr old for the flight and all the kids did REALLY well.

When we finally landed in Florida, we were so hungry. But first, we came across some things in the airport and it got the kids ready to see the Mouse!

{My nieces in the airport}

{Outside of our resort....we stayed at Coronado was nice!}

{In the lobby...Panchitos was the gift shop}

{Mom, Me, my SIL Laur, niece/goddaughter Sara & my niece Emma on the way to dinner...we were so tired!}

{Me and my brother Mark...I would say I have the closest relationship with him out of all my brothers}

We really just chilled in the hotel the first night after dinner. The next day we went to Hollywood Studios!

{Walking in}

{The whole fam!}

My sister-in-law arranged a character meal with Handy Manny and friends at the restaurant Hollywood & Vine...they had some good food! I literally have no idea who half these characters are but it was a joy to watch the expressions on my nieces & nephew's faces:
{My brother & his fam}

{Me outside the Great Movie Ride}

And then we met some characters!!
{Green Army Man from Toy Story!}

Meeko & Me....this is hilarious because one of my co-workers called me Meeko from Pocahontas after I got badly sunburned one day and looked like a raccoon!

The Incredibles!

My goddaughter/niece Sara & I waiting for the bus back to our resort. It was a long, hot (big mistake wearing denim capris in Florida in AUGUST!) day but so fun and filled with memories!

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