Monday, August 8, 2011

So much to do, so little time....

There is just way too much to do in such a little amount of time. Am I procrastinating? Yes. But, who packs for a weeks vacation in the middle of the night? Not me. My mom says if I rummage through my closet in the night, it wakes her up (I've been known to stay up til 1am+ cleaning my closet) I'll just wait til tomorrow. All I really have to do tomorrow is laundry, get my nails done since I don't want them to chip/break when I'm away, and PACK. Oh yeah, go to a thing called work too but that isn't too bad.

And need to go to the bank too! Plus pay some bills that are due while I am away. That is the part that stinks about growing up..bills stink! Oy vey. It's almost 12:30am in NY now (who knows what time this will be posted at!). How am I ever going to get through tomorrow? I'll get up early, arm myself with a pot (because a cup is NOT enough) of coffee, some redbull, and just run my butt ragged. The only issue is I feel like I need to bring a lot of clothes because it's suppose to be HOT in Florida and I don't deal well with sweaty clothes after awhile. Eww, gross.

All I did was work this weekend but it is worth it because I will not work again for another 9 days until after tomorrow. Score!! Yesterday before work, my mom and I went to town to browse around the Summerfest. It's an annual thing the first weekend of August in my town and there are a lot of different things each day. There's a car show, dance performances, carnival rides, and the tarps with different crafts. A lot of it is jewelry but we found some things. My mom was so excited to find a set of these blue & white dishes (her first set) for $10 for the entire box!! She says in a thrift store it is $10 a cup/bowl/ I say she made out well. She also got some stick things for her garden and I got two pairs of sunglasses...they actually have big frames and look relatively cute on me!

I am super excited because I have been TORTURED the last few days over something my boyfriend said at dinner. He said he knows what he is getting me for my birthday (and I think Christmas as well) and he's known for awhile. He told my best friend Shannon but wouldn't tell me. Umm, birthday is NOT until NOVEMBER! That's NOT cool. She told me it would be epic and I'd die (well not really) of happiness. So, at our friend's party last night, he had a little too much to drink. I got there after I got off work and didn't really feel like drinking. He needs to learn not to talk so much because he blabbed the surprise...he is taking me to the Bahamas for my birthday! Not in November but as a gift. He wants to research the best time to go/a good deal but HOLY CRAP. I am SO EXCITED! He better not back out on his word (I don't think he will). I simply LOVE the fact that he wants to take me there because he knows how much I wanna go and see the caribbean and even though he has already been there, he wants to go with me. I feel special. :)

Also, there is a PARADE dedicated to Lucy from "I Love Lucy"?! What on Earth?! I was just looking (not stalking) through a friend's facebook pictures from her weekend and apparently in Jamestown, NY (yay NY state!) which is where Lucille Ball was born, they have a "Lucy Fest." That's kinda cool!

Time to go sleep so I can be productive tomorrow and pack for my vacation. I am excited to take a break and enjoy life!

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