Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seriously Thursday time!

Time for another fun link up this week. It is time for Seriously?! Thursday with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama.

1. I seriously still cannot believe the girl that puked in the row in front of me at the Britney concert the other night. How do you get that drunk at a Britney concert...before she even went on?! She almost tried to sit in the seats in front of my friend & I but there was a girl that made her move because those were her friends seats. She spent the rest of the night with her head in her lap. Seriously, its your own fault. I just couldn't believe it!

2. Seriously, I am excited for the Jersey Shore Season 4 premiere tonight. The Italy season! Judge if you wish but I have been watching episode reruns of previous seasons and it's just too funny. My favorite Snooki quote: "When I think of Italy, I think of Lady & The know, beautiful".

3. Seriously, I am kind of disgusted that CHRISTMAS decorations were delivered to my friend's job [Kohl's]. EWW. Can we just stop rushing life?!

4. This time next week, I will be on vacation!! I am SERIOUSLY excited to go to Disney World. A little worried about the plane ride with the kiddos [aka nieces & nephew] because I'm afraid of hearing screams but Aunt Kristin will sit by herself if I have to [our group is 7 people] and listen to her lovely ipod. PTL for that!

5. Okay, I don't know if anyone else watches "Dance Moms" on Lifetime but there are two moms on that show that need to GET A GRIP on life! Like seriously. Kathy, the one that owns her own studio and brings her daughter 2.5 hrs away to the studio but doesn't wanna be with the rest of the company on the bus ride to competitions..WTF? And Chloe's mom...her fight in the dressing room last night was just ridic. Get a grip lady, seriously! It just makes me glad I never saw anything like this while I danced.

6. Seriously excited for October 20th-24th? Why? My best friend from Georgia is visiting...HOLLA!!! We are gonna go to the city for a day, go back to our roots [aka where we met] in New Paltz and all that fun stuff. I miss this girl!

7. Seriously, it would be phenomenal if the FAFSA website would update itself and use the NEW software aka Mozilla Firefox 5.0 or 6.0x or whatever we are at now instead of 3.0x. You are making my life extremely complicated right now!

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