Sunday, August 28, 2011

calm after the storm!

Well, here's the good news y'all! I survived Hurricane Irene! =) It really ended up weakening and was considered more of a tropical storm by the time it hit Long Island. It was a category 1 when I was leaving work last night.

I did not go to bed until like 2am and oh hey, the storm was really suppose to hit between 3am-1pm...nice. It was just really windy and rainy. Lots of leaves/small twig branches down on my street but people keep driving by so the conditions of the roads must not be bad. No flooding either which is a good thing! There are other areas of Long Island that were hit with flooding, fallen down trees, etc. Also, there are a lot of people without power. My brother does not have any (his house is one mile from ours) but he & his kids are okay (which I'm thankful for because it'll put his wife at ease while she enjoys the rest of her vacation in the DR). We have power at my house so thankfully I won't be super bored at all today!

All in all, I figured the storm would downgrade and not be as bad as they were making it out to be. But then again, they could say it wouldn't be bad and it would go INSANE. You just never know. I wonder what the condition of my job is. We were not sure what time we were closing and when the head of mall security came in and asked what time we were closing, still not sure. The managers had to wait to hear from the regional manager and once we got the okay to close at six (normally we close at 10!), we were in the mode to get EVERYTHING done so we could peace out of there. There are a ton of windows that we had to tape (that really sucks for whoever opens tomorrow morning and has to tape all the masking tape off and put the blinds back on). One of the managers posted signs saying "Due to Hurricane Irene & the safety of our employees, we will be closing at 6pm and reopen Monday at 11:30am". Well, people were STILL coming in at 530. I mean, I probably wasn't friendly because I really just wanted to get out of there and go HOME as did everyone else there. I was finishing taping one of the doors by the front when this woman tries to come in and when I opened to say we closed at 6 (hello there were THREE signs on the door), she was like so pissed and goes "I called earlier for takeout!" And when we said it was for our safety, she goes "Ugh whatever." REALLY?! So freaking rude.

I hope everyone who was in the path of this hurricane is safe and out of harm's way now. Since I couldn't go to sleep until 2am, I was on pinterest. Some of my new fav things I found:

Story of my life!

I wanna look like that when I'm 42!

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  1. Glad you are ok! It was still a cat 1 hurricane when it hit us! We have to redo our back hallway because of it! Boo!