Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Wednesday!!

Happy Wednesday y'all!! It is the middle of the week and I am soooooo looking forward to tomorrow because I do not have to do anything at all except go to class at 5:30pm (if the campus gets power back) and go celebrate my friend's birthday.

So what are y'all loving on this gorgeous weekday? Link up with Jamie @ This Kind of Love to show What You're Loving!

I'm loving that I start one of the two grad classes I have left for my Special Education certification extension tomorrow. As painful as it can be to sit in class sometimes, I truly enjoy school. I'm already trying to figure out what the next degree I can go back for would be, ha!

I'm loving the app Words With Friends. You can play it on Facebook, your iPad, your iPod touch, your iPhone, etc. It's like Scrabble. I am seriously addicted to it. I was up til 2:30am one morning playing, ha! If you have it, start a game with me. My username is kjaklicious18.

I'm loving the awesome day I had yesterday with my friend Amanda at the vineyards out East. One of them did not have power so we got the tasting (which would've been $17) for free! SCORE! It was great to sit outside in the sunshine, talk with a great friend and have some drinks. =)

I'm loving that my nephew Steven turns FIVE the weekend after labor day. He was born a day after my brother Eric's birthday (his godfather) and I still cannot believe he is going into kindergarten. It seems like the other day he was a tiny baby like this:

to this little rascal who I adore:
I'm loving that the Victoria's Secret Panty Raid starts tomorrow! 7 pairs of underwear for $25.50, SCORE!! It's really cheap considering one pair can cost $8.50. I have to say that their brand is pretty much the only brand of underwear I wear because not only are they cute but they are comfy!

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  1. The day at the vineyards sounds amazing! VS underwear is the best!