Thursday, August 25, 2011

Come on Irene....Seriously Thursday!

I haven't done this link up in a little while so I've missed it! Here we go. Link up with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama for Seriously Thursday?!

SERIOUSLY... Hurricane Irene?! REALLY!? In my 24 years of existence on Planet Earth I honestly don't remember a Hurricane. I am sure one hit Long Island when I was a wee one but really? The intensity of this storm that is suppose to hit on Sunday has everyone in a Panic Mode. I am not even kidding. My mother is sending me to the store today to stock up on stuff so we don't die. Honestly? I'm not even phased by this although I am SURE I will be freaked out this weekend. Seriously, as long as it does not hit when I am at my job (aka all day tomorrow or all day Saturday), that would be fantastical!

SERIOUSLY... there was an Earthquake on Tuesday? It originated in the Virginia area but I felt my seat shaking in the movie theater while seeing Crazy Stupid Love. My friend didn't and at first, I thought I was insane. Hey cool. I survived my first Earthquake. Now onto a Hurricane. Please don't have a super meltdown Mother Nature and make me survive a tornado. Honestly, which is worse - hurricane or a tornado? I'm clueless.

SERIOUSLY...textbooks are such a rip off! I really don't feel like spending $300 to buy two textbooks brand new for the fall from the bookstore. I am considering renting them but it still means I could spend the same amount + 10 bucks to get them brand new through

SERIOUSLY...who brings a DOG to eat at a restaurant? I get if it is a service animal and you are training it, that is acceptable. But a little weird looking thing? Leave it at home! Mind you my job is at the mall so also, who brings a dog to the mall? So freaking weird.

SERIOUSLY...I hope my SIL is able to go on her tropical vacation with her friends. They're suppose to leave I think tomorrow to go to the DR but umm I just don't want her to die in this hurricane. Love her too much (aka I've known her 18 years...3/4 of my life!)

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  1. Irene is gonna be so much fun this weekend! Total epic fail right there!

    As far as the dog thing...I take my dogs to eat when I can sit outside because they are going through training but I do have to agree with you it is kinda weird.