Monday, August 29, 2011

it just sucks you in...

i could probably stay on pinterest for HOURS and find things I love on it. seriously, it is addicting. maybe it is a good thing i can't remember my log in right now, ha ha! but seriously, i think all of the following are just adorable/totally true:

pretty much my friends & i would do this at each other's weddings :)
my future daughters will be divas =)

soooo adorable!

i would totally do this if i ever have twins.

omg i love this! (I swear i have baby fever because i just LOVE babies and newborn portraits!)

doing this to all the baby girls i have (watch me have all boys!)

too freaking cute

i love this one too. what little girl is NOT a princess?!

great idea for a birth announcement or even christmas card if born towards the end of the year

aside from babies, i love weddings. what a cute idea for a before the wedding portrait!

this is adorable! (okay, i totally have baby fever and want a friend to have a baby soon!)

i truly believe that!

hands down FAVORITE tv show ever. i swear i should do a post of my favorite quotes from that & gilmore girls. =) (who would actually read it?!)

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